Girona, Spain

The owners of a derelict two-story 1769 stone house in Girona, Spain wanted to make it habitable, so they turned to local architecture firm Bosch Capdeferro Arquitectures. The architects added a minimal, 3,300-square-foot zinc and glass Miesian pavilion on the southern façade, in an area formerly used to feed cattle, to contain a kitchen and dining room. The transparency of this crisp new porch restores the north-south orientation of the house and provides a startling comparison between old and new.

The architects also added a new roof to the original structure and rehabilitated its interior to include a bedroom and bathroom in the basement; an entryway, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms on the ground floor; and a master bedroom and bathroom on the second floor.

Bosch Capdeferro Arquitectures
Carrer de la Força 19 1r 2a  
17004 Girona, Spain
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