Project Specs

Well Hall
Lantian, China
maDA s.p.a.m.

the People

Owner: JADE VALLEY Wine & Resort Corporation Ltd.

MADA s.p.a.m.
No 2,Lane 134 Xinle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Architect of record:  Qingyun Ma

General contractor:
15 Lantian local old craftsmen lead by Qingcai Zhang and Jingtan Zhou  in Xiao Zhai Village

Sunny Chen


the Products

Exterior cladding
Masonry: Red bricks masonry; Blue bricks (Fire-clay Brick)

Wood: Pine wood

Built-up roofing: No built-up roofing, but a lean-to roof with wood purlins for structure and bamboo sheet being covered with plaster for thermo-insulation. Outside surface gray tiles

Tile/shingles: Gray tiles

Other: Inner garden ground is paved with cobble stones, which is enclosured with raised huge stone and gray tiles covered on outside surface.

Wood: Pine wood window frame

Steel: Made on site all local materials

Glass: Toughened glass(made on site all local materials); double course glass

Skylights: Wood purloin and triplex glass

Entrances: Wood door

Wood doors: local traditional style

Locksets: local traditional style

Hinges: local traditional style

Closers: local traditional style

Cabinet hardware: Built-in cabinet

Interior finishes
Demountable partitions: Gypsum board partitions (be used in local carpenter)

Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Built in cabinet

Paints and stains: Local traditional style paints, which describing the local life.

Special surfacing: “Lantian” Jade polished plate for finishing of floor and toilet wall.

Floor and wall tile: “Lantian” Jade polished plate for finishing of floor and toilet wall.

Carpet: cashmere handover carpet in living room

Chairs: Steel tube legs chair, bamboo chair

Tables: Black surface and steel tube legs

Other furniture: Local traditional wooden box for storage, white semi-transparent glass ball is hung at the ceiling for lighting.

Interior ambient lighting: White semi-transparent glass ball is hung from roof, diameter is 400 millimeters.

Exterior: Candle for outdoor lighting

Controls: Common Controls

Accessibility provision (lifts, ramping, etc.): Outdoor steps are made of stone. Indoor stairs are made from food, which is cover with “Lantian” Jade polished plate

Plumbing for swimming pool