Yesterday, One World Trade officially became the tallest building in New York, moving the Empire State Building into the second place slot once again. Since 2004, when construction began, webcam company EarthCam has had four cameras on the site, which have captured over one million images that have been edited into a two minute time-lapse movie. According to EarthCam, they have been able to keep the cameras up and running for so many years because they have invented new self-healing camera technology and software, which automatically checks the camera up to 288 times a day. When I toured the tower last week and saw men hauling up tools and 2x4s with rope and buckets like they've done for hundreds of years, it reinforced to me that while our skyscrapers have become increasingly sophisticated in their design and fabrication, they are still very much built one piece at a time.

Video Courtesy of EarthCam.