Last summer, the UK referendum to leave the European Union sent shock waves around the world. The decision was made all the more real Wednesday when Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50, formally beginning the “Brexit” process.

The lengthy and predictably tumultuous divorce is sure to affect UK professions in unforeseen ways, causing anxiety among many British citizens. For architects, the president of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Jane Duncan, offered reassuring words in response to this week’s actions.

“EU citizens, from outside the UK – people who we count as colleagues, friends and family - make a significant contribution to our profession. We would like to assure these colleagues that we are continuing to press Government to ensure your rights are protected as a matter of priority,” Duncan stated.

“The RIBA has also been working with colleagues across the built environment and the creative industries…We have also been working with leading creative bodies and businesses as a member of the Creative Industries Council, and with other professional services organizations via the government’s Professional and Business Services Council to ensure that your views are reflected and listened to.”

“The RIBA is a strong voice because it is a collective voice, and we will continue to represent you, to fight for your rights and future prosperity and we will champion your talents across the UK, Europe, and the world.”