Site size: 3,300 square feet

Project size: 4,300 square feet

Program: The client wanted to be able to interact freely with neighbors while maintaining a strong sense of privacy and ownership. A typical gable roof, maximum day lighting, and visual connectivity throughout the house’s three stories were also desired.

Location: Yong-In, South Korea

Solution: The height of the house’s main space spans its three stories, allowing light to filter through each floor. The south facing structure maximizes glazed surface area while affording a certain degree of privacy.

Construction and materials: The house’s white stucco-laminated exterior is composed of steel reinforced concrete with a slab deck. Interior walls are finished in vinyl paint, while floors feature laminated marble tiles.


Additional Information

Completion date: February 2017

Gross square footage: 4,280 sf

Total project cost: $1.7 million

Total construction cost: $700,000

Owner: Eunha Jeong




610 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036


Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Chang Kyu Lee, Associate AIA (Principal, GEBDESIGN.)
Min Sik Lee (CEO, Lee Consultant)
Byeong Soo Kim, KIRA (Principal, Leewoo Architecture)


Interior designer:

Min Sik Lee


Engineers: Architecture Engineers : Leewoo Architecture
Structural Engineers : 3D Structure
Mechanical Engineers : Doul Enc.
Electrical Engineers : Pyeong Hwa Enc.
Lighting Engineers : Sejeon Inc.



PACE STUDIO (Suman Chun)



Landscape: Song Gang Landscape Architects

Lighting: Sejeon Inc.

Other: Keumho Woodwork : UPM Timber Door
Homewood Korea Inc. : Stair, Handrail
Hanssem Kitchen Korea : Kitchen





Structural System

SRC (Steel Reinforced Concrete) Structure
Slab Deck (SY Steel Tech)
Column / H - 300x300x12x15 (SM 490)
Girder / H - 500x200x10x16 (SS 400)
Truss / H - 300x150x6.5x9
Wall THK / 200, Mat Footing / 300, Slab Deck / 150

Manufacturer of any structural components unique to this project: The site reclaim over the sloped land where start of the range of mountain. project set up structure beam 11.4m span at the basement for base structure.

Exterior Cladding

Metal panels: Garage Wall :
VM Zinc (Quarts Zinc) Flat Lock Type

Metal/glass curtain wall: Second Floor Terrace Facing Glass Curtain Wall :
Aluminum - 1700x50mm
Glass - 6(Glass) + 12(Air) System (ie. 6+12+6+12+6)
Rainscreen: 150x50x1.2 stud w/Cement Board 12.5mm Aqua Panels
Stucco Finish w/Tyvek

Moisture barrier: Exterior : Tyvek Drainage Barrier
Interior : Isover Vario Drainage Barrier

Curtain wall: Front Facing Window System :
Aluminum Curtain Wall - Glazing
Hyundai Aluminum co. ltd - 175mm Aluminum Bar w/Triple Glass(6+12+6+12)


Metal: Roof : VM Zinc (Azengar Zinc) - 0.7mm THK @ 430MM
Terrace : Urethane Water Proof w/ Wood Deck


Metal frame: Hyundai Aluminum : 175x50x2.3t w/ PVDF(KOFLUX)
Entrance Door : 10MM Teak Panel on  Stainless Flush Door 45mm


Glass: Clear Glass : 6(Glass)+12(Air)+6+12+6

Insulated-panel or plastic glazing: Bedroom Window :
System Window - 100mm Plastic + Triple Glass (Glazed w/ Argon Gas Injected)


Entrances: Size : 2200x2800 ( Door 1000X2400), THK : 54mm Insulation, Finish : 7mm Teak Wood

Metal doors: Terrace at Second Floor :
48mm System Door w/ Triple Glass

Wood doors: Bedroom Doors :
6mm+30mm+6mm UPM Timber w/ Clear Lacquer Paint


Locksets: Ryobi Metal Door Lock (Japan)

Closers: Ryobi Metal Door Lock (Japan)

Interior Finishes

Acoustical ceilings: Living Room and Dining Room : Vinyl Paint on Gypsum Board 2plys
Bedrooms : Paper on Gypsum Board
Rest Rooms : Emulsion Paint on Waterproof Gypsum Board

Paints and stains: Living Room : Vinyl Paint on Gypsum Board

Wall coverings: Bedrooms : Silk Wall Covering

Raised flooring: Living Room : Laminated Marble (3mm Marble, 7mm Tile)
Kitchen : 10mm Ceramic Tile
Bedrooms : Plywood Ondol (Korean Traditional Floor Heating System) (3mm Marble, 7mm Plywood)

Special interior finishes unique to this project: Living Room : Laminated Marble (3mm Marble, 7mm Tile)
Kitchen : 10mm Ceramic Tile
Bedrooms : Plywood Ondol (Korean Traditional Floor Heating System) (3mm Marble, 7mm Plywood)


Office furniture: Knoll : Generation by Knoll (USA)

Reception furniture: Ethnicraft (Belgium)

Chairs: Kartell (Masters Chair, Italy)

Tables: Ethnicraft (Belgium)


Interior ambient lighting: 20W LED Line Bar

Downlights: 20W LED Downlights

Exterior: 40W LED Sensor Lighting


Energy management or building automation system: 1. Energy : Passive House External Wall System, Energy Efficient Condensing Boiler for Radiant Heating System and Natural Ventilation
2. Light : Maximized South Facing Opening designed with appropriateness, proportion and sustainability, Eco Smart LED Light System (Maximum Energy Efficient)
3. Water : Rainwater Collection System, Water Saving Appliance and Developed Ground-Water.