Resilient surfacing and wood are the usual suspects when it comes to flooring in sports facilities. ASB’s MultiSports floor has expanded those options to include glass.

The company’s laminated tempered glass panels are supported by an adjustable aluminum frame that can be leveled to suit existing conditions. The glass is installed on specially developed bearings, which distribute surface impact across the subfloor. Running through engineered light channels, LED marking lines can be reconfigured for different sports, from volleyball to tennis to basketball and more, with a simple tap on the touchscreen control panel. Lines can be turned off completely, as well, allowing the venue to be used for non-athletic events.

To safeguard athletes’ performance and safety, the scratch-resistant floor has a matte finish to eliminate distracting reflections and glare. A raised ceramic frit pattern makes it slip-resistant and minimizes “rug burn” when players take the occasional tumble.