The Transbay Joint Powers Authority, after closing its recently dedicated Salesforce Transit Center, is investigating the cause of a cracked built-up plate girder supporting the roof garden of the nearly $2.3-billion transit hub in seismically active San Francisco. Upon inspection, investigators found another fissure in an adjacent girder in the ceiling of the third-level bus deck. Both are located in an area of the building that straddles Fremont Street, which was also closed. 

In a statement to the press on Sept. 26, which contains photos of the girder installation after erection and inspection and of the fissure, Mark Zabaneh, the TJPA's executive director, said: "We apologize for this inconvenience to the public and commuters, I would like to assure the public, this is a localized issue within the transit center and there is no impact to any adjacent properties. Additionally, our current analysis shows that this is contained within the Fremont Street area."

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