Fortune favors the bold, and possibly the colorful. Unconventional finishes for hardware pieces are becoming popular choices for everything from faucets to grommets.

Mockett’s PCS7f Series Power Grommets come with 15 finish options, including a variety of bright colors meant to stand out rather than blend in. The Power Grommets allow for a single or dual USB outlet and include a locking ring that permits them to be mounted almost anywhere.

INOX’s door handles in Glacier White also offer a departure from traditional metal hardware.

Vola’s HV1 faucets include statement shades of bright orange, electric green, and stoplight red in addition to subtler brushed stainless steel and matte black.

Even metal finishes are seeing a pop; Kohler’s Ombré Vibrant fades its polished nickel and titanium finishes into a bright rose gold. Using Kohler’s proprietary physical vapor deposition process, the finish is scratch- and tarnish-resistant.