Behind a sushi bar in Shanghai, chefs work by the glow of pink and orange LEDs. The 1,500-square-foot Japanese restaurant, Omakase, which opened earlier this year, was designed by the local firm Hip-pop Design Team. Its interior comprises two stories divided into six private dining rooms and one communal seating area, separated by glass walls engraved with tranquil images of dewdrops and cherry blossoms, or sakura. Sandwiched between the double or triple layers of glass, sheets of translucent voile add depth and a dreamlike quality to the space. Glass floors softly illuminated by the colored LEDs beneath, and painted black ceilings, add to the otherworldly aura. The interiors may seem more like a nightclub than a restaurant, but the designers say that’s because the high-end kaiseki-ryori cuisine served here needs a similarly chic environment to entice diners in the city’s busy Xuhui District.