From a dimensional ceiling system to a film that wraps and transforms surfaces, these products speedily refresh walls and ceilings. Read about new offerings by Armstrong Ceilings, Bendheim, Unika Vaev, Designtex, and Rebel Walls.


MetalWorks Airtite

The Armstrong Ceiling Solution’s MetalWorks series now includes Airtite, a line of hydronic radiant ceiling systems. Copper tubing on the back side of the panels circulates hot or cold water to efficiently heat or cool spaces using minimal air ventilation. The panels come in six types, such as 1"-batt-insulated aluminum or perforated aluminum with acoustic fleece. Standard sizes are 2' square and 4' by 2'.


ecoustic Sculpt Taper

This acoustic ceiling-tile line continues to expand, with new designs that create visually striking topographies. One of the latest is Taper, which suspends elongated wedge-shaped profiles in a selection of four configurations within each 2'-square tile; a 2' x 4' format offers two configurations. The tiles are composed of Unika Vaev’s proprietary PET panels in a choice of 11 colors.


Metalix 2

The second edition of Bendheim’s Metalix architectural glass includes eight new glass types with woven-metal interlayers ranging from a silver mesh to rose-gold wire. Made with low-iron glass, the panels are ¼" to ½" thick and in sizes up to 54" wide x 120" high, making them ideal for walls, partitions, and doors.



With its ability to conform to any shape—edges and corners included—this self-adhesive vinyl film effectively covers walls, partitions, elevator cabs, and other architectural elements. Already robust in patterns, DI-NOC has added 180 new designs that range from metallic effects and stone to wood grain, leather, and abstract color patterns.


Trend Collection Re:Create

The Rebel Walls collection offers 10 mural-like wallcoverings meant to promote harmony, calm, and self-reflection. Imagery ranges from photographic, such as white mist weaving through a pine forest, to abstract, such as a floral line-drawing graphic on a pink-marble background. The coverings are printed on nonwoven paper reinforced with nylon fibers, and utilize a nontoxic potato-starch-based adhesive paste.