As public awareness of COVID-19—and investigation into combating it—continues, the time is ripe for exploring new products that promote hygiene. Read about new products from Tarkett, Casalgrande Padana, Duravit, and Bradley.


LinoWall xf2

Tarkett has developed the only linoleum product ­approved for wall application. LinoWall joins the ­manufacturer’s existing LinoFloor line, empowering architects with the opportunity to create coordinated designs. Currently, three pastel and three neutral hues matching LinoFloor palettes are available, all of which feature the proprietary xf2 surface treatment for added protection against stains and abrasions. The wall products are 2mm-thick and naturally antimicrobial.


Bios Antibacterial

Italian manufacturer Casalgrande Padana has formulated its Bios porcelain-stone line to kill 99.9% of the world’s four predominant bacterial strains—staph, enterococcus, E. coli, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. Although it isn’t antiviral, this development is said to have exceptionally hygienic properties, a timely innovation as Italy continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The tiles incorporate titanium dioxide—an inert mineral considered to be free of harmful emissions—to battle bacteria and tackle odors. Suitable for high-traffic areas, indoors or out.


SensoWash I

This Philippe Starck–designed smart toilet cum bidet boasts comforts and conveniences including a heated seat, night light, and remote control, among others. Hygienic features such as a rimless bowl and optional antibacterial glaze combine with functions that minimize contact and increase cleaning effectiveness: Users can select water temperature and intensity; a temperature-adjustable dryer eliminates the need for towels; the bidet nozzle and spray wand self-clean automatically before and after each use; and auto-flushing is available.


Verge Soap Dispenser and Faucet Set

This new touchless handwashing solution speaks to architects and designers on both aesthetics and performance. Verge pairs four existing sensor-faucet styles with coordinating sensor-­activated soap dis­pensers, resulting in a more cohesive design. The faucets also automatically flush the water line every 24 hours to minimize germ buildup.