Continuously advancing LED technology is showing the way to more creative and innovative fixtures. Read about new products from Landscape Forms, Sonneman, Cactus, Ameico, Louis Poulsen, Signify, Flos, Ketra, Hubbell, and Modular Lighting Instruments.



A modern take on the conventional outdoor post light, Slope sports a thin, angular disc-shaped luminaire cantilevering from a slim, unornamented pole. The disc, which measures 18¼" in diameter, slopes down at a subtle 9º angle to a thickness of under 1" at its thinnest point, and is specifiable with an 18- or 36-LED array. Column, wall-mounted, and back-to-back versions are also available. Depending on the component and model, up to four powder-coat finishes are offered.


Rubber-encased cables create an eye-catching linear structure while suspending a single 40"-long x 4¾"-wide edge-lit panel measuring just ½" thick. The flat panel emits 2,600 lumens of 3,000K light and is encased in aluminum, with a bright satin aluminum, satin black, or satin white finish. The covered cables and canopy are coated to match, and the 6'-long drop cord is adjustable for a range of ceiling heights.

Cubic Sky

Originally created for a resort in Puerto Rico, this canopy was designed by ­multidisciplinary architecture and software-engineering studio Cactus. This system comprises 15"-square LED-lit acrylic and aluminum squares, individually controlled via a tablet-based interface (also created by Cactus), that can be configured to suit myriad custom applications. The controls manage color, intensity, patterns, and animation.

Curli and Smile

Newly available in the U.S., these pendant luminaires from British brand Beem marry graphic and industrial design with technology and whimsy using flexible LED tubes. The three different Smile versions feature bent sandblasted borosilicate-glass diffusers, while Curli sports a polycarbonate asymmetrical coil. All are attached to a black ceramic, capsule-shaped base. Exclusively available in North America through Ameico.

LP Slim

A simple light-filled circle makes LP Slim universally complementary to any architectural and interior scheme. Available in recessed, semi-recessed, surface-mount, and pendant options, the fixture comes in three diameters, ranging from 9¾" to 26⅔", and four rim finishes: raw dark aluminum, gray aluminum, black, or white.

3-D-Printed Luminaires

Supporting a circular economy, tailor-made 3-D-printed fixtures from Signify are made with flexible, 100% recyclable polycarbonate. Commercial clients can return the luminaires to the manufacturer for reuse in new fixture designs. An additional environmental factor is a reduced carbon footprint compared with that of metal luminaires, since they weigh less and are fabricated in—and shipped from—factories close to urban areas of various continents.

IC Lights Outdoor

Flos tweaked the materials of this popular Michael Anastassiades–designed floor lamp to render it suitable for outdoor use. Like a delicate balancing act, its white LED-illuminated glass sphere rests on top of a slim, cantilevered aluminum stem. Four base options, such as brushed brass on a gray lava stone, and two sizes are available: 53" (delivering 180 lumens) and 73" (1,100 lumens).

Next-Generation Ketra Lighting

Ketra already has a reputation for high-quality LED lamps and controls, which accurately render color and can be programmed to follow the sun’s progression throughout a day. Recent engineering upgrades to its software platform and lamps will enhance performance. These improvements include: a smoother, more responsive control of temperature, intensity, and color; greater vibrancy of the surroundings; and a vastly wider range of white color temperatures.


This sleek LED troffer uses edge lighting to spread the light more evenly across the lens surface, better conceal individual LEDs, and reduce glare—without reducing output. It is available in four sizes—1' x 2', 1' x 4', 2' square, and 2' x 4'—and an overall depth of just 2". Options include tunable-white light (from 2,700K to 6,500K) and discreet integrated motion sensors.

Smart 1.9

Modular Lighting Instruments’ miniature downlight line has three new flange designs, all measuring just under 2" in diameter with an aperture of less than 1½". Customization options include finishes in black, white, or gold for square or round finish plates and trims; lamping in 2,700K, 3,000K, or 3,500K color temperatures; and a choice of frosted-, solite-, or clear glass diffusers. Each lamp can deliver up to 311 ­lumens of light.