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Whether for safety or aesthetics, these products are all about raising the roof.


Custom Single-Ply Accessories

Mule Hide Products.

When accessories that only come in standard sizes and configurations don’t fit with a project’s TPO or PVC roof system, contractors may resort to field wrapping—but the results can look less than professional. Mule-Hide Products introduces several customizable options—from closed conical boots to two-way vents—in popular colors to ensure that atypical roofs still look polished.

Fluropon Metal Trends Color Collection

Fluropon Metal Coating System.

Sherwin-Williams has launched this curated palette of eight color families—drawing on natural and weathered metals—for its Fluropon architectural metal–coating system. These include gold/brass, bronze, silver/nickel, blackened steel, copper, steel, zinc, and anodized. Fluropon coil and extrusion coatings are suitable for common exterior applications such as roofing, sunshades, and facade systems.

RibBracket V

RibBracket Mount.

S-5! has unveiled its latest addition to the RibBracket line of solar-panel mounts for trapezoidal-rib metal roofs. RibBracket V secures panels anywhere along a roof’s ribs, thanks to its flex-to-fit legs and shear fastening. It is compatible with top rib widths between ¾" and 1" and provides an elevation of 4" above the rib to maximize airflow.

Polystick XFR

Polystick XFR.

This roof underlayment incorporates Polyglass’s ADESO (a dual-compound self-adhering technology) and Burn-Shield (which provides high resistance to flame spread), resulting in a quickly installed, waterproof, and penetration-resistant product that withstands temperatures of up to 265º. It is well suited particularly for metal-roof installations.


Rheinzink Prismo.

Inspired by the elements of earth, fire, water, and air, this semi-transparent color-coated architectural-grade zinc comes in red, gold, green, brown, blue, and black, with a matte finish. Ideal for roofing, as well as for cladding and walls, Prismo is available in a range of standard and special sizes in rolls or sheets and is 100% recyclable after use.