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Besides hygiene and cleanability, holistic concepts of wellness dominate new health-care products.


CSelect Cubicle Curtain Fabric

CSelect Cubicle Curtain Fabric.

While Construction Specialties has already been producing health-care curtain tracks, it’s only now that the brand has launched its own curtain-textile line. Available in four stitch-detail patterns, the fabrics come in six calming, nature-inspired palettes. Optional Nanotex treatment further protects against microorganisms.


PD97PT Sliding-Door Hardware.

This advanced version of INOX’s PD97 sliding-door hardware was designed with health care and other high-security facilities in mind. The electric mortise lock—which auto-latches and locks as soon as the door closes—is powered directly through the door strike, making it easier to install and retrofit.

Wellness Collection

Wilsonart Laminate.

Drawing on biophilic design, this Wilsonart laminate collection features eight motifs and palettes reminiscent of nature that can have calming effects. Coastal Dots (shown), for one, positions dots of ocean-evoking dusty-blue shades against a white background. Other visuals include wood patterns and misty mountain landscapes.

Legato Collection

Legato Liquid Linoleum.

Mannington Commercial’s Legato liquid linoleum is poured in place for a truly seamless floor, eliminating cracks where bacteria can form and thus aiding in infection control. VOC-, PVC-, and Declare Red List–free, it’s offered in a choice of 54 colors that range from neutral to vibrant tones.


Evermoin Solid-Surface Material.

This new Staron ultrahygienic solid-surfacing material is well suited to a range of interior applications—from countertops to casework—in high-traffic areas. Evermoin has passed industry tests, such as the ISO 846 antifungal test, to prove effectiveness in inhibiting bacterial growth. It is available in two finishes.