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“Wellness” and “flexibility” are buzzwords in today’s medical environments, and these health care products provide a perfect amount of each.


Medical Lockers

Hollman Medical Lockers.

Hollman’s medical-grade lockers have an antimicrobial finish said to reduce the incidence of staph infection by 99.79% and withstand harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach and ammonium chloride. Additionally, they are constructed with a phenolic material that renders them waterproof and moisture-resistant. An anti-ligature hardware option is available for behavioral-health applications.

BalancedCare MRI Series

MRI Room LED Luminaire.

When it comes to aesthetics, exam rooms still fall behind public-space design in health-care settings. Axis Lighting is doing its best to rectify this with its suite of MRI-room LED luminaires. Designed to integrate into the latest Imaging Rooms, the line comprises downlights, sconces, and recessed fixtures that meet Military Standard 461G for reducing electromagnetic interference during an MRI scan.

Expanded Healthy Environments

Mohawk Group Healthy Environments Wood Flooring.

A staple in health-care environments, Mohawk Group’s Healthy Environments resilient sheet flooring portfolio just got bigger with new colorways, sizes, and styles. These include a homogeneous line with a flecked surface that comes in a wide range of colors, and a heterogeneous group offered in varied wood (pictured) and textile patterns. Both are free of ortho-phthalates.

DualSwing Door System

DualSwing Door System.

With an asymmetrical design, AD Systems’ DualSwing model comprises a conventional swing door and a narrower secondary leaf that, when opened together, provide a wider entry as needed in health-care applications ranging from acute-care and patient rooms to imaging and operating suites. The doors are smoke rated and offered in a range of widths.

Cleanroom Doors

Horton Automatics Cleanroom Doors.

Horton Automatics has added 17 new manual and automatic sliding-door models to its cleanroom ISO-rated collection. The certification guarantees that the products comply with strict standards for emissions of airborne particulates, making them suitable for medical spaces as well as chemical- and electronics-manufacturing plants.