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These NeoCon exhibitors showcased post-pandemic workplace options.



Radii Allsteel Storage Cart.

Addressing the shrinking floor plate of offices—as well as more user-centric and flexible work environments—this Allsteel storage cart is compact, convenient, and sized for stowing away personal items and essentials instead of storing documents for the long term. Five models are available, ranging from a mobile open caddy to a desk undermount.

Flek Pure

Flek Pure Panel.

A follow-up to 3form’s terrazzo-like panel material Flek, this resin product takes things up a notch through closed-loop manufacturing: Flek Pure is composed of 100% recycled material—as compared to the 71% in its predecessor—mostly sourced from the company’s Varia resin waste. Flek Pure is available clear as well as in 12 tints.

Kith + Kin

Designtex Kith Collection.

Designtex’s Kith collection features a textured grid within one of 12 colorways for a simple yet dimensional solid. Its counterpart, Kin, features a large-scale geometric pattern in 11 corresponding colors. Both upholstery textiles are polyester—34% of which is postconsumer recycled.


Coalesse Lounge Chair.

Coalesse has introduced counter- and bar-height stools as well as a lounge chair (shown) into its Marien152 seating family. The latter comes in a selection of wood or metal bases as well as a metallic four-star swivel base, while a wide range of upholstery options easily bring this design from the office to the home.


BuzziSpace Lounge Seating.

This BuzziSpace lounge seating is shaped like the letter C, permitting both togetherness and separation. More than just a pretty face offered in an array of upholstery fabrics, BuzziCee also helps absorb noise with its concealed acoustic foam.


Arper Seating.

Arper’s latest, clean-lined seating series was designed in collaboration with Gensler. Specifiers can select from a wide range of colors and textures—from plastic and leather to FSC-certified wood—for the seat, backrest, and base to ensure a truly personalized chair for any type of environment.

Rising Signs

Upward Bound Modular Carpet.

This new modular-carpet collection from Interface comprises eight modern patterns, including Upward Bound (shown), which sports large-scale geometric shapes and angles. All styles are constructed of nylon from 100% recycled content and are fully recyclable after use through the manufacturer’s ReEntry program. The collection’s palette includes both jewel tones and neutrals.

Silea Enhancements

Silea Case Goods.

Gunlocke has expanded its Silea case-goods offerings with new options that meet demands for flexible work and the shrinking office footprint. Among them is a series of space-saving 7¼"-deep storage furniture, ranging from closets to under-desk units, offered in an array of painted wood, wood veneer, and laminate finishes.

2022 Colormix Forecast

Colormix Forecast.

Sherwin-Williams unveiled its 2022 Colormix Forecast, which the company feels reflects growth, adaptability, and optimism. The curated palettes—totaling 40 colors—take cues from subjects including ’80s Postmodernism and global pop culture, resulting in hues like Coral Clay and Naval.