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NeoCon returns this June, and, to whet your appetite, here's a preview of what will be on display.


Framery 2Q Huddle

Framery 2Q Huddle.

This 65½'-square Framery meeting pod is large enough to accommodate four to six occupants. Each pod is soundproof and features power outlets along with user-controllable lighting and ventilation. Optional furnishings and fittings include sofas, whiteboards, wall shelves, TV-screen brackets, and tables.

Melange Check

Melange Check Fabric.

Part of Luum’s Shared Ground contract-grade fabric collection, Melange Check is a woven plaid offered in 10 colorways that range from neutrals to jewel tones. This upholstery fabric is sustainable, with a content of 51% recycled wool, 39% recycled acrylic, and 10% recycled polyester.

Lichen Community

Lichen Community Carpet.

Mohawk Group’s latest modular-carpet collection draws inspiration from the idea of community, in the traditional sense, but also in a natural and scientific one: lichen is a symbiotic life form that grows on and spreads over tree bark and rock formations, establishing its own pattern and “community.” The planks come in a 12" x 36" format.


Umo Side Tables.

A new side table from Stylex, Umo features an intriguing composition of portico-like cutouts carved from its three legs, both for utilitarian uses—such as cable routing—and aesthetic purposes. Designed for residential and commercial use, Umo comes in solid maple, oak, walnut, or opaque black, and measures 16" high and 14½" in diameter.


Libelle Seating Collection.

Dutch for “dragonfly,” Libelle from Studio TK is an eye-catching seating collection that consists of a pouf, low-back lounge, and lounge chair with an integrated privacy screen reminiscent of dragonfly wings. The latter’s knit-mesh screen hugs the chair’s C-shaped back and comes in 11 colors. All three pieces are specifiable with a tablet arm.

Expansion Cityline

Expansion Cityline Office Products.

With office layouts constantly in flux, Teknion is responding with the Expansion Cityline system, a highly flexible beam-based framework that enables the needs of a variety of users and tasks. Features include a structural “spine” that funnels power and data to multiple workers on either side, and interchangeable attached components such as tabletops, storage, and shelves.

Intersect Wall Tile

Intersect Wall Tile.

With a unique shape formed by folds and curves, this Turf Design acoustic wall tile can be nested to create interlocking basket weave topographies, or rotated in 30º increments and clustered to resemble overlapping florets. Each 18½" x 16¼" module is made of PET felt board that contains 60% preconsumed material.

Supreen New Patterns

Supreen New Patterns.

The liquid-barrier upholstery textile from Nassimi is newly offered in wool-like, menswear-inspired patterns, and in textures ranging from a plain weave to a houndstooth. The surprisingly soft Supreen fabrics incorporate a proprietary silicone blend to provide PFA-free liquid and stain resistance.