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Bologna’s 2021 edition of the Italian tile show, CERSAIE, demonstrated how far porcelain and ceramic technologies have come.



Cerasarda Tiles.

Cerasarda presents a new collection of lozenge-shape tile in color palettes that look as if haphazardly combined, masking any pattern repeat when installed. The 5" x 2½" mosaic is available in a mesh-backed composition in 16 colorways, with a glossy crackle finish.

Gendai Wood

Gendai Wood Tiles.

To stand out from the typical faux-timber porcelain tile offerings, Casalgrande Padana channeled Japan’s traditional shou sugi ban technique, in which cedar boards are charred and oiled, resulting in a striking distressed appearance. These wood-look planks measure 7¾" x 47¼" and are offered in five colors (four of which are shown).


Gardenia Orchidea Tiles.

This collection by Gardenia Orchidea offers seven patterns inspired by wallpaper, frescos, and other decorative wall treatments on ¼"-thick 23½" x 47¼" porcelain-stone slabs. Each is specifiable in a selection of 10 colorways. Shown here is the “mod” geometric design Scandi. Matching solid colors in white-body porcelain are also available.

Roma Gold

Roma Tile.

FAP Ceramiche has expanded its Roma line of marble-like porcelain with attractive new details, including Art Deco–style arched inserts and mosaics. Decorative 94" x 109" wall slabs are pictured (right) in contrasting Statuario and Nero marbles, some with a subtle striated texture, while a wall on the photo’s left side has mini mosaics.

Metal Design Diamond

Metal Design Diamond Tile.

Cerdisa adds a twist to the faux-metal trend in tile production: the Metal Design collection includes Diamond, a take on the ubiquitous diamond-plate pattern of old industrial buildings. It comes in a mélange of matte and glossy finishes to recreate a worn look. The Diamond style is available in steel, calamine (zinc), brass, and copper.


CIR Ceramiche Chromagic Tile.

This realistic looking “wallpaper” from CIR Ceramiche is composed of 23½" x 47¼" porcelain-stoneware slabs—and is an example of the wallpaper and mural trend seen this year. The collection’s 10 patterns are based on wallcoverings that range from a classic toile to a damask. These graphics are applied to the slab just before a third firing.


Italgraniti Group Tile.

Taking cues from the minimalist use of concrete, this Italgraniti Group series mimics the material in 11 earthy tones and seven sizes, from 11¾" x 23" to 47¼" x 110¼". In addition to solid colors, the collection offers a contemporary spin on terrazzo with graphic polychromatic fragments.

Tweed Stone

Tweed Stone Tile.

Light, textured striations—straight or angular—embellish these through-body-color tiles, aptly named for the cheviot-patterned fabric. Ceramiche Coem produces Tweed Stone in five neutral tones and a wide range of formats, from a 3" x 24" trim to 30"-square tiles and 30" x 59" slabs, which can be mixed and matched to create a unique patchwork.


Fusionart Tile.

At the crossroads of natural and manmade materials, as well as the past and the future, lies Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s Fusionart. This porcelain line integrates the looks of weathered-timber planks and concrete as if the wood were laid in the latter. It comes in five color combinations. All come in three formats up to 24" x 72".