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Tactile or touchless, these devices are aesthetically akin to architectural jewelry.


EMPowered Motorized Touchscreen Keypad Locks

EMPowered Locks.

Emtek’s EMPowered touchscreen keypad and deadbolt entry set is a “smart” security solution programmed and controlled using sister-brand Yale’s mobile app. It works with voice assistants such as Siri and is compatible with popular smart-home systems. Five finishes are available.


G87 Glass Patch System.

A new glass-patch system from Accurate Lock & Hardware, the G87 series houses a mortise lock and comes as a complete package including a thumb turn and inside and outside levers. Compatible patch-strike and emergency-release devices can also be specified. The system is offered in Satin Aluminum, Oxidized Black + Lacquer, and Electroless Nickel.

WS-90 Wall Strike

WS-90 Wall Strike.

Following the success of INOX’s pocket-, barn-, and sliding-door hardware, the manufacturer introduced this surface-mounted wall strike that houses an interlocking bracket to hold the latch securely. Available in stainless steel, black, and select ceramic colors, the strike is compatible with INOX’s PD5000, PD8000, and PD9000 series.

Eclipse Collection

Eclipse Collection Door Handle.

Formani collaborated with architect David Rockwell and his studio, Rockwell Group, to develop the Eclipse collection, inspired by its planetary namesake. Featuring a subtle waning-moon profile, the sculptural handle provides an ergonomic grip and is joined by matching knobs, pulls, and window hardware, all in a choice of four finishes.


Vaask Sanitizer.

Sleek and slim, this designer hand-sanitizer dispenser marks the debut of manufacturer Vaask. The dispensing and drip-catching fittings come in black, white, brass, or custom colors, and can be mixed or matched with faceplates, also available in these finishes. A minimal linear LED in the faceplate indicates supply levels and the path of the stream for accurate hand placement.