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The latest trends make the most of metal technologies and ergonomics.


Pebble Collection

Pebble Collection.

As its name implies, Belwith Keeler’s new kitchen-hardware collection recalls the smooth surface and shape of a pebble to engage the user’s sense of touch and provide a pleasing tactile experience. The collection comprises asymmetrical cabinetry knobs and pulls, both in two sizes, and appliance pulls in five sizes. All are available in five standard finishes.

Graphite Nickel Finish

Graphite Nickel Finish.

Though matte  and satin black are still popular finishes, some manufacturers are exploring similar but warmer tones that recall antique metals. Among them, Baldwin Hardware’s Graphite Nickel PVD finish is now an option for the brand’s Estate Portfolio of front- and interior-door hardware and cabinetry knobs and pulls.

RIVIO Collection

RIVIO Collection Door Handle.

Gensler has collaborated with Formani on this line of ergonomic interior-door handles. A cutaway on the front of the cylindrical body allows the thumb and fingers to meet in a comfortable fashion, giving the user a good grip while presenting a pleasing sculptural contour. Available as a curved or 90º lever, RIVIO comes in stainless steel, bronze, and PVD satin gold or satin black.

Rectangular Suite

Rectangular Suite Hardware.

This Ashley Norton line of entry and interior hardware offers an array of rectangular escutcheons, levers, pulls, knobs, and window hardware that run the gamut in style from traditional to transitional and contemporary, to suit every taste. All components are handcrafted using art-grade bronze or solid brass in a wide range of finishes.


CareSecure Coating.

Microban International and the new CareSecure division of commercial glass-door-hardware manufacturer T-Concepts Solutions have developed an antimicrobial coating to help reduce the spread of germs. The coating is said to be more effective than cleaning with disinfectants, because it continuously works for the lifetime of the handle’s finish to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.