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These new ventilation products were engineered to create comfortable, healthy environments without compromising interior design.


Ready-to-Go Floor Vents

Modern Metal Vents.

Modern Metal has added floor grilles to its ready-to-go inventory: To start, the floor vent will only be offered in the brand’s popular “Accentuate Moroccan” Moorish-tile pattern, in five standard duct sizes and in a matte black-iron finish. The 11-gauge steel grilles are hand-welded in the U.S.


Ruskin BLD723 Louver.

A building louver with visual appeal, Ruskin’s BLD723 is notable for its 46%-free area and closely spaced horizontal blades with customizable color accents. Its design keeps wind-driven rain at bay, which helps prevent damage and reduce operating costs. Available in sizes ranging from 8" square to 90" x 120", it can also be specified with options such as bird screens and an extended sill.

Condair HumiLife

Condair HumiLife.

A stand-alone central atomized-humidifier system, the Condair HumiLife utilizes reverse osmosis and UV light filtration to prevent the spread of airborne germs. Discreet ceiling discs conceal the spray nozzles as well as sensors for continuous monitoring of each zone, while a mobile app allows for remote monitoring and precise humidity control.

Lynx 18 Seer

Allied Air Heat Pump.

Suitable for residential applications, Allied Air’s new inverter heat pump has five operating modes to help reach desired temperature levels more efficiently, which can save up to 22% of the energy costs annually (compared with conventional single-stage heat pumps). Special features include sound-dampening capabilities and a defrosting technology that reduces the number of needed defrost cycles.

Drywall Lite Bead Frame

Aria Vent Air Return.

This budget-friendly ABS plastic air return from Aria Vent comprises a perforated frame that vanishes into the drywall once the mudding process is complete, resulting in a single clean-lined air-channel cover. Overall, it measures 10" x 14¼". The surface cover can be wallpapered or painted.