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Heating and cooling products are greener and more intelligent than ever, thanks to advanced technologies and connectivity.


Smatrix Pulse

Uponor Smatrix Pulse Control System.

A new HVAC control system from Uponor, Smatrix Pulse provides wireless control of both radiant and forced-air systems for up to six zones, employing digital thermostats, sensors, and communication modules. The product’s app allows homeowners to view, set, and adjust room temperatures as well as track data for each zone. Its auto-balancing option detects usage patterns to distribute energy efficiently.

Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater

LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater.

LG Electronics’ latest water heater utilizes inverter technology that operates with an efficient uniform energy factor of 3.75, which has the potential to save more than 70% of the energy used by conventional electric heaters. End users can easily monitor and control the water heater via LG’s ThinQ smartphone app.

Cool-Space 350 and 400

Big Ass Fans Cool Space.

A more cost-effective solution than air-conditioning, Cool-Space by Big Ass Fans is an evaporative cooler for large commercial structures such as warehouses and factories. New to the series are the 350 and 400 models, which boast motors that can cool up to 2,300 and 3,600 square feet, respectively, for up to 10 hours. A design with casters also makes them portable.

Platinum Smart-Heat Electric

Bromic Platinum Smart Heat Electric Heater.

Well suited to outdoor venues, ranging from rooftop bars to residential patios, this radiant heater by Bromic is now offered in a 4500-watt version to cover more ground, up to 143 square feet, while blending into the architecture. It can be specified with a white- or black-tinted ceramic glass face. Wall- and ceiling-mounting kits are available.

Triton Super Duty

Rheem Triton Super Duty Water Heater.

Rheem has been steadily improving the efficiency of its commercial water heaters, as displayed in the company’s newest offering, the Triton Super Duty, which features a triple-pass heat exchanger. The system is equipped with Rheem’s EcoNet tech­nology and integrated Wi-Fi, which provides diagnostics and usage reports, in addition to leak detection.