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The latest innovations prove to be more than just another brick in the wall.


CIRCLE Project

Seashell Based Pavement.

In February, CIRCLE Project—a group comprising scholars from six European institutions, including BUILDERS Ecole d’ingénieurs and the University of Central Lancashire—presented findings from research that explored the possibility of a seashell-based pavement as a greener alternative to permeable concrete. After running several pilot sites, the team concluded that shellfish waste can successfully be substituted for typical embedded aggregates, thereby replacing nonrenewable components with recycled material. While it’s still too early to say where this new formulation will go, the feedback has been positive: representatives from the seaside town of Blackpool, England, have already expressed interest in implementing this experimental concrete in the Hawes Side area.

Tenley Brick

Tenley Brick.

A long and lean brick veneer with subtle tonal transitions, Cultured Stone’s Tenley is well suited for contemporary spaces. The 2¼" wide x 10½" long x ¾" thick brick is available in four colorways: Loften (creamy white); Kullen (soft gray); Wildon (flint gray with brown undertones); and Nori (charcoal with hints of ash).

Utopian Series

Utopian Series Bricks.

The Belden Brick Company applies its color-blending capabilities to coarse-grind extruded-clay pavers, resulting in one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, tactile bricks. Available in three formats (4" x 2¼" x 8", 4" x 2¾" x 8", and 4" x 2¼" x 12"), the Utopian series is offered in three color families ranging from brick reds to gray tones.

True Gray

True Gray Brick.

Glen-Gery’s True Gray Series, part of the company’s Vogue Commercial Collection, comes in four tones with differing gray hues, from an ivory-esque Cool Gray to a dark Modern Gray (shown). Each extruded-face brick is 75/8" long x 2¼" high x 35/8" thick and offered in a smooth or coarse finish.

ALSB New Colors

Architectural Linear Series Brick.

Arriscraft has expanded its calcium-silicate Architectural Linear Series Brick (ALSB) with three new shades, among them Forged Steel (shown). ALSB units are 2¼" high x 3¾" deep, in random lengths of up to 235/8".