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These tactile acoustic and modular systems were designed to meet the specs of numerous commercial projects.


Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour Panels


Swedish brand BAUX is launching its Acoustic Pulp Bio Colour panels into the U.S. market for the first time in mid-November. According to the company, the panels are made from 100% bio-based natural ingredients (including wheat and chalk) and come in six newly added traditional Swedish hues, which use VOC-free paints derived from natural ingredients such as plant extracts, earth pigments, and minerals.

FeltWorks Blades – VarAffix

FeltWorks Blades VarAffix.

Armstrong World Industries has expanded its FeltWorks Blades family with VarAffix linear acoustic panels, which are reinforced by embedded threaded connectors for more installation flexibility. The panels are 3/8" thick and come in 16 sizes from 6" to 12" in height and 48" to 120" in length. They are available in 12 colors.


ekoa Veneer.

Made with long flax fibers, this wood-look veneer by Lingrove is said to have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. Available in panel, roll, sheet, and edge-band formats, ekoa is suitable for walls and ceilings, as well as for millwork and furniture. The Red List–free material comes in eight tones, from light Ash to Carbon black, and in three different performance tiers.


Plaid Baffles.

Turf has developed this lattice system of crisscrossing acoustic baffles, named Plaid, to be used as an open-ceiling cloud or in conjunction with tile caps to create a dramatic composition. Available in a choice of three textures, Plaid comes in sizes with on-center spacing of 24"- to 48"-square and in 32 colors or in custom hues.


Modwall Frames.

This kit-of-parts system from KOVA comprises self-supporting post-and-beam frames, aluminum and MDF walls, glazed wall components, doors, and acoustic ceilings prewired for plug-and-play access and lighting. The easily reconfigurable system can be used to erect rooms as large as 16' x 32'.