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Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Project size: 5,145 square feet

Program: In the early-20th-century Winnipeg suburb of Old Tuxedo, which is filled with large traditionally detailed dwellings, 2011 Design Vanguard firm 5468796 Architecture has realized an airy, contemporary family home that ensures privacy.

Design Solution: The architects approached the design of Veil House from the inside-out, rather than by strictly responding to the aesthetics of the surrounding neighborhood. Lower-floor interior spaces have been arranged in a loose nine-square grid, at grade, around a courtyard, while upper floors are accessed via an interior ramp that runs along the perimeter—making the house fit for aging in place.

The house takes its name from a weathering steel veil that cloaks it. CNC cut and welded in situ, the three-dimensional cladding—roughly resembling a hipped roof from some angles—modulates in response to the needs of the room immediately behind it. Panels vary from perforated ones, which permit light to pass through them, to opaque ones. In plan, the veil peels away from the structure to create interstitial spaces at grade and on the upper patio.

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Photo © James Brittain Photography

Structure and Materials: In Winnipeg—where snow cover can last six months and the climate is dry—a durable material like weathering steel was preferable, even though it may seem foreign to the neighborhood. Inside, wood walls and ceilings echo the warm tones of the oxidized metal.

Additional Information
Completion date: August 2022
Site size: .13 acres
Total construction cost: Withheld
Client/Owner: Withheld

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

Photos © James Brittain Photography

Veil House 5468796 Architecture

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5468796 Architecture
266 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S8
(204) 480-8421

Project team
Partner-in-charge: Sasa Radulovic
Project architect: Ken Borton

Interior designer
XYZ Design Inc.– Linda Levit

Structural: Lavergne Draward & Assoc.
Civil & Surveyor: Barnes & Duncan Surveying Geomatics & Engineering
Geotechnical: Eng-Tech Consulting

Landscape: Butterfield Landscaping & Maintenance

General Contractor
Holz Constructors

James Brittain Photography


Exterior Cladding
Wood: Locally milled white oak & Western red cedar
Moisture barrier:VaproShield RevealShield
Curtain wall: Duxton Windows & Doors
Weathering steel: Supply & off-site fabrication by Brunswick Steel

Built-up roofing: Torch-on 2-ply modified Bituminous Membrane

Fiberglass frame: Duxton Windows & Doors

Entrances: Duxton Windows & Doors
Wood doors: Penner Doors and Hardware
Sliding doors: Penner Doors and Hardware
Garage Doors: Hanover Doors (with "Super Sneaky" flush mount hinges)

Interior Finishes
Acoustical ceilings: Wallworks Acoustical Architectural Products
Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Cameo Woodworks Ltd.
Interior Finish Carpentry: All Seasons Carpentry
Paints and stains: Security Decorating Co. Ltd.
Solid surfacing: Caesarstone Quartz
Floor and wall tile: Julian Tile
Resilient flooring: Mondo Ramflex
Carpet: Godfry
Hardwood flooring: Fusion Flooring Oak; Northern Lights Prairie Storm

Downlights: A-N-D Light, Bocci, Zaneen
Tasklighting: Rich Brilliant Willing, Louis Poulsen
Exterior: Tech Lighting
Dimming system or other lighting controls: Control4

Sofas: Montauk