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RECORD's monthly list of upcoming and ongoing exhibitions, events, and competitions. 

Ongoing Exhibitions

Whose Problem Is It? Homelessness Between Prague and New York
Through May 4, 2024
The Viper Gallery, in collaboration with architect Karolína Kripnerová and artist artist Janek Rous, presents an exhibition examining the complexities of homelessnessness in both European and American contexts. Looking at rising rates of homelessness as a political problem "embodying the (dys)functionality of the housing system," the exhibit covers a number of thematic domains, including the visibility of homelessness in public space, myths surrounding affordable housing, and racism and targeted social exclusion. See  

Everlasting Plastics
Through August 11, 2024
Originally commissioned for the U.S. Pavilion at the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale, this exhibition exploring our fraught and co-dependent relationship with plastics makes its North American debut at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Made up of site-specific commissions by five artists, architects, and designers from across the United States—Xavi L. Aguirre, Simon Anton, Ang Li, Norman Teague, and Lauren Yeager—Everlasting Plastics examines how these materials both shape and erode contemporary ecologies, economies, and the built environment. See  

Tropical Modernism: Architecture and Independence
Through September 22, 2024
The architectural style of tropical modernism emerged in British West Africa under colonial rule in the 1940s, shaped by architects Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry. An exhibition at the V&A South Kensington traces its evolution in India and Ghana after independence, as leaders sought to use modern architecture and construction as emblems of a new progressive order, distinct from colonial culture. See

Crafting Modernity: Design in Latin America, 1940–1980
New York
Through September 22, 2024
The Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition exploring interior design from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela between 1940 and 1980. Including furniture, ceramics, textiles, paintings, prints, design objects, and photography, Crafting Modernity looks at the domestic environment as a site of experimentation and tension during a period marked by dramatic political, economic, and social changes. Featured architects and designers include Clara Porset, Lina Bo Bardi, and Roberto Matta. See

Closer To Nature: Building with Fungi, Trees, Mud
Through October 14, 2024
An exhibition at the Berlinische Gallerie showcases three local projects that demonstrate how to design with nature instead of against it, highlighting new building technologies that tap the potential of organic materials. Visitors can explore the pioneering designs via the exhibition's large-scale installations, which are supplemented by sketches, plans, photographs and models. Displayed projects include the experimental building MY-CO SPACE, a competition entry for the Futurium exhibition venue, and the rebuilt Chapel of Reconciliation in the Berlin Mitte district. See


Sustainability in Practice
Cambridge, Massachusetts
April 17, 2024
This special half-day event, organized by RECORD in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offers a “master class” in sustainable design and how to make it an integral part of a firm’s DNA, led by architects who have been doing just that for decades. Featured speakers include Ted Flato and David Lake of Lake|Flato Architects, Carol Ross Barney, and Mario Cucinella.

Architecture for All
Middlebury, Vermont
April 22-26, 2024
A week-long symposium at Middlebury College explores how architecture can be practiced to serve every corner of society: reaching all people and places, at any budget. Participating architects range from from the internationally known to the locally active, and work in ways that challenge convention, creating spaces that are open and accessible to everyone. Featured speakers include Marlon Blackwell, Billie Tsien, Susan Rodriguez, and John McCelod. See


Best of NeoCon 2024
Deadline May 20, 2024
A hallmark of the Chicago-based design NeoCon since 1990, this awards program honoring outstanding new products from exhibiting companies across a wide of categories. Submitted products will be evaluated onsite at THE MART by a jury of leading architects, designs, specifiers, and facility managers on June 10. Jurors will bestow Gold and Silver awards alongside honors in Innovation, Sustainability, and Business Impact. See  

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