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AFG Industries Inc.
February 2001
“Getting Smart About Low-E Glass” is a new CD from AFG Industries intended to help architects educate consumers about the benefits of energy-efficient glass.

BuildingGreen Inc.
July 2002 updated
The publishers of Environmental Building News have just issued the second edition of GreenSpec Directory. This 362-page guide includes detailed information on more than 1,500 carefully screened products, along with generic guideline specification language, all organized in the industry-standard 16-division CSI MasterSpec system.

BuildingGreen Inc. has released an updated and expanded version of the EBN Archives CD-ROM, a compendium of all back issues of their newsletter. With more than 1,350 pages of green building information, the Archives are fully searchable and provide instant access to every article, diagram, and photo as they appeared in print—from the first issue in 1992 through the end of 2001.

Camfil Farr
February 2002
Camfil Farr has published an information bulletin on anthrax and the role of air filtration in preventing it spread through building HVAC systems. Titled "Anthrax: Definitions, Questions, Answers & Precautions," the four page bulletin provides general background information on the disease and discusses the levels of protection afforded by various types of air filtration devices. Additional recommendations for reducing airborne contaminants in buildings are also described. The bulletin also provides links to web sites offering further information on the topic.

Certified Forest Products Council
The Certified Forest Products Council promotes the increased purchase and sale of products originating in forests that have been independently audited and certified as well-managed, according to international principles and criteria.

April 2000
The Composite Panel Association's 2000 buyers and specifiers guide includes listings of all CPA member companies and their particleboard and MDF mills. The guide also includes a raw material section which describes composite panel fiber and resins.

Fi-Foil Company
September 2004
Fi-Foil’s new brochure highlights the advantages of using reflective insulation in sustainable construction for both commercial and residential structures and addresses Fi-Foil’s potential contribution to LEED-certified projects. Fi-Foil’s reflective insulation products boost energy efficiency in masonry walls, vertical wall cavities, roofs, and floors in both new and existing buildings. This is achieved by a reduction of heat flow and significant reduction in the transmission of radiant heat flow.

April 2002
ForestWorld recently launched a Certified Forest Products Marketplace on its newly redesigned web site. The Marketplace connects buyers and suppliers of certified forest products through a Request-for-Quote (RFQ) system. Buyers of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forest products submit RFQs for specific products that are then blast faxed or emailed to FSC-certified producers around the world who can meet the buyer's needs. ForestWorld's staff tailors each RFQ to match exactly the product, species, grade, and geographical restrictions of the buyer's needs. Registered suppliers are then able to quote directly to the buyer's email in-box or fax. The Marketplace can help users secure up to five LEED points for a building project.

The PVC Alternatives Database features over 200 products from companies based in 17 countries.

Interface, Inc.
December 2000
Interface has introduced a new Sampling Box made from polypropylene that can be reused or recycled. The box contains the same sampling information found in traditional architecture folders, including a swatch card, a larger feeler swatch, and a card with all the specifics of the carpet. Shelf space was considered in the creation of the box: seven of the new boxes fit in the space of only three architecture folders. The outside label includes a photo of the carpet for easier identification on a designer's library shelf. Interface also introduces the “Sustainability Report Card,” which provides designers and other specifiers with a framework in which to evaluate the full ecological impact of floorcovering products. The company plans to issue this report card and grading system with all Bentley, Interface, and Prince Street carpet products. The report card evaluates products on three levels: pre-lifecycle, lifecycle, and post-lifecycle.

July 2004
Invista, manufacturer of Antron carpet fiber, in association with the International Facility Management Association, has developed the Green Glossary for High Performance Buildings. The Green Glossary, a lexicon containing 360 standardized environmental terms, is intended to serve as a reference guide for those involved in the construction, design, or management of high performance green buildings, and is endorsed by leading industry associations including the U.S. Green Building Council.

John Wiley & Sons
The eight titles in the "Wiley Series in Sustainable Design" focus on environmentally responsible and energy-efficient architecture and landscape design. Individual topics include land development and wind energy. The latest title, releast in August 1999, is "Green Building Materials: A Guide to Product Selection and Specification," written by Ross Spiegel and Dru Meadows, AIA.

PPG Industries
July 2004
PPG Industries has outlined their new Ecological Building Solutions collection of glass, coatings, and paint for sustainable design in a new 12-page booklet that provides specific guidance on how PPG products can help architects earn LEED credits for their projects or meet ASTM E 2129 standards for sustainable building.

Sloan Valve
October 2004
A new full-color binder, titled the Sloan Architectural Design Guide, is now available from Sloan Valve. The guide offers the latest information on Sloan’s water-conserving plumbing products and systems, details on system applications in a variety of markets, and applicable information on LEED. Descriptions, color photos, diagrams, and information on special finishes are provided for a range of water-saving plumbing systems including electronic and manual flushometers and faucets, sinks, accessories, and Sloan’s new waterfree urinals.

Stingray Lighting
May 2002
Stingray Lighting offers a new product and applications binder for the company's patented line of energy-efficient luminaires. Article reprints and technical data sheets detail how use of these fixtures cuts electrical consumption for lighting by 40 to 60 percent, compared to standard fixtures of a similar nature, while matching or increasing the amount of light at the work or pedestrian levels.

The Carpet and Rug Institute
The institute's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) program aides in the selection of carpet, adhesives, and cushion materials. The presence of the CRI's IAQ label identifies low-emitting carpet products. To carry the label, product samples must meet scientifically established standards for low volatile organic compound emissions.

USG Corporation
August 2002
An updated and expanded 16-page brochure from USG Corporation details the company's products and manufacturing processes. Entitled "Committed to the Environment", the brochure closely examines the content and manufacturing process for two of the company's primary product lines: wallboard manufactured by United States Gypsum Company and ceiling panels made by USG Interiors. The brochure also outlines USG's use of alternative resources—including recycled industrial materials, wastepaper, and renewable agricultural sources—to preserve natural resources and support clean air.

VT Industries
April 2003
A special report examining the growing demand for architectural wood doors manufactured from certified lumber is now available from VT Industries. The eight-page report, titled Going Green, provides an authoritative look at the technology and procedures required to deliver architectural wood doors that meet ForestStewardship Council guidelines for certified lumber.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems
February 2004
Wausau Window and Wall Systems' "Build Green" brochure showcases Wausau's ability to support green building and sustainable design goals through product features such as energy-efficient glass and framing, natural daylighting, exterior sunshades, and occupant-controlled ventilation. The brochure also features examples of Wausau's contributions to LEED-certified projects.

Weyerhaeuser Building Materials
September 2002
Weyerhaeuser Building Materials' Lyptus High-Grade Hardwood brochure offers color raw material and end-use application photos, plantation growth and processing information, and details about sustainable forest management. The brochure is free.