Division 10: Specialties

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Boston Retail
November 2008
Manufactured in Youngstown, Ohio by Boston Retail, ecoRigid wall and corner guards are made of a rigid PVC-free plastic called polybostylene. This recyclable material is a polymer made from a blend of thermoplastic monomers that is free of harmful chemicals including Bisphenol-A (BPA). In addition, the product’s pre-slotted base channel requires no adhesives, easing installation. Boston Retail, Medford, Mass.

September 2007
The Dyson Airblade, the latest invention by James Dyson, produces a 400 mph stream of clean air, blown through a gap no thicker than an eyelash. This sheet of air acts like an invisible windshield wiper, wiping moisture from hands, leaving them dry in 12 seconds. The Airblade uses a HEPA filter to remove more than 99.9 percent of bacteria from the air used to dry hands. It also features touchless infra-red sensor technology and an anti-microbial additive coating to reduce bacteria and fungal growth. The dryer saves energy as well, using up to 80 percent less energy than traditional hand dryers.

Evergreen Solar
November 2003
Evergreen Solar, founded in 1994, develops, manufactures, and sells solar power products, primarily solar panels, that provide reliable and environmentally clean electric power throughout the world. Based in Marlborough, Mass., the company serves three main markets: wireless power, rural electrification, and the rapidly growing, grid-connected market for residential and commercial electricity. Using its proprietary and patented technology, Evergreen Solar produces high quality, distinctive solar power products, with reduced manufacturing costs through lower materials use and streamlined processes, and will potentially manufacture internationally.

Excel Dryer Inc.
March 2002
The new XLerator hand dryer for public lavatories gets hands dry in one-third the time, and uses about one-third the energy of conventional dryers. In addition, the XLerator draws only 1,500 watts instead of the usual 2,200.

Homasote Company
August 2003
Homasote’s PINnacle 440 and PINnacle FR Class A fire-rated tackboards are ideal for display applications in schools, offices, and hospitals, with no additional finishing necessary. PINnacle FR boards achieve their fire-rating using a manufacturing process that mixes fire-retardant chemicals evenly throughout the board. The tackboards are made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer waste paper, are formaldehyde-free, and can contribute to overall LEED credits in up to five or more categories.

Hunter Douglas Contract
February 2008
Hunter Douglas Architectural Products has added several new solar control products to their line, including sun louvers and exterior screens made from aluminum with a minimum of 70 percent recycled content (left). When used as architectural elements the screens help reduce overall HVAC load, reduce sun glare, and block unwanted views. GlacierScreen solar shading fabrics (below) avoid the use of VOC-emitting substances while maintaining the performance and durability of standard PVC-coated fabrics.

Innovations m2
September 2005
The EcoSmart Fire is a flueless fireplace from Australia that requires no installation or utility connection for fuel, thereby making it ideal for apartment or city living. Units can be freestanding, wall fitted, or inserted into a closed-off fireplace. The burner, which heats on average over 115 square feet, can also be inserted into joinery to create a streamlined benchtop feature. Fuelled by a renewable resource (denatured alcohol), the EcoSmart Fire burns clean and is virtually maintenance free. A Designer range of freestanding models (shown) can be delivered ready to operate, while the Renovator range can be fitted by a builder into any combustible or non combustible wall or closed fireplace.

InPro Corporation
April 2003
EnviroGT wall protection products are manufactured from 100 percent recycled high density polyethylene and certified wood. The line includes impact-resistant handrails, wall guards, and corner guards.

The Iris Group
August 2001
The Iris Group manufactures and installs IrisWall, a moveable wall system for offices, conference rooms, and class rooms. They claim IrisWall is the most environmentally wall system on the market. IrisWall is made up of 90% recyclable materials including aluminum, gypsum, and water-based paints. They have also created their own insulation product, IrisFiber. IrisFiber, unlike fiberglass, does not carry a hazardous warning label. However, IrisFiber insulates just as well as fiberglass and carries the same fire, heat, and sound ratings.

November 2003
A new line of replaceable wall base from Johnsonite installs without adhesives, eliminating extra costs to repair damaged drywall, a common problem when changing out traditional wall base. The new system hangs on a track, so it can be easily removed, reused, and fully recycled. Low voltage cables for voice, data, and security systems can be concealed in the toe space (subject to job site conditions). The system is ideal for tenant improvement projects where budgets and timetables are critical.

Pre-engineered for multiple curtain wall systems, Versoleil SunShades offer a variety of blade options as a standard offering. The design allows for the adjustment of blade angles during installation based on sun angle and building orientation. To maximize energy savings, reduce solar heat gain, and increase occupant comfort, blades can be horizontally tilted at eight different angles, or vertically tilted at 15 different angles.

October 2001
With more than 160 years experience in the design, project management, installation, and maintenance of solar shading systems, Levolux has completed major projects in Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, and the U.S. With the increasing significance of energy issues in the U.S., Levolux encourages American architects to look to its products as a way of controlling heat gain within buildings while moving away from the traditional route of air conditioning. Three key product groupings include the Skyvane rack arm system, external shading systems, and specialty venetian blinds.

New Frontier Industries
September 2005
EverQuiet sound barrier wallboards from New Frontier Industries (NFI) typically reduce noise pollution by 50 percent. Manufactured from 95 percent postconsumer recycled plastic, the panels use a proprietary process that recycles a range of plastics beyond milk and soda bottles. The walls can be engineered up to 30' high and are capable of withstanding 150-mph winds.

December 2007
The e3 ceramicsteel surface for whiteboards and chalkboards has achieved international Cradle to Cradle Silver certification, and Greenguard Indoor Air quality and Greenguard for Children and Schools certification for all marker and tack boards. The surface consists of a steel core with a minumum of 30 percent pre and post consumer recycled content of .013'' and .019''
thickness covered on both sides with thin enamel coatings.

Providence Artworks
July 2004
Providence Artworks new Ivory of Tagua Collection features an ivory look alike harvested from the Tagua Palm Nut. The cabinet knobs—hand-carved by Ecuadorian artisans—look, feel, age, and have the strength of elephant ivory. Used as an ivory substitute since the Victorian era (mostly for buttons), the demand for the Tagua nut declined after the discovery of less expensive synthetics.

Sharp Electronics Corporation
November 2003
Sharp’s 3500W Sunvista inverter is engineered to blend solar energy from up to three input strings, each varying by number, model, and angle of modules. The inverter’s neutral-toned housing integrates well with exteriors, while the interior LCD monitor displays instantaneous and cumulative electricity generation and CO2 reduction levels. Matched to Sharp solar modules and mounting hardware, the system is also compatible with other manufacturer’s systems, and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

A Tulikivi soapstone fireplace is an ecological heating source because it uses wood, a renewable resource. It is also recognized for its non-polluting properties, releasing far fewer particulates into both the home and the environment than traditional wood-burning stoves. Compared with other combustibles such as oil, gas, and fossil fuel, proper wood burning does not affect the earth's atmosphere and does not promote the greenhouse effect. Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces are extraordinary efficient thermal mass heaters, meaning that the fire's heat, captured in the mass of soapstone, is released slowly and evenly over time, long after the fire has gone out. One quick firing of wood for two to four hours produces up to 24 hours of radiant heat. Often recommended by doctors, radiant heat is less drying for the sinus and less irritating for asthma sufferers.