The 42-year-old German designer Konstantin Grcic was feted as the Stockholm Furniture Fair’s guest of honor this year, following on the heels of past years’ celebrity choices like the Bouroullec brothers, Patricia Urquiola, and Naoto Fukasawa. Grcic was a particularly fitting hero this year, as casual observation of the booths suggested a trend in the prismatic shapes Grcic ostensibly introduced in 2003 with his aluminum-and-concrete chair_ONE for Magis, and which he refined two years later with the Miura bar stool, manufactured of injection-molded polypropylene by Plank.


A Bouquet of Folds
Although the individual seats of the Mayflower bench are angled into sharp facets, the plastic construction suits the curves of one’s back comfortably. This three-seater, designed by Lars Pettersson and Thomas Bernstrand, can withstand the weight of five people. Klaessons, Tranås, Sweden.


Stealth Bomber
Hometown hero Eero Koivisto, one-third of the Stockholm design office Claesson Koivisto Rune, combines a faceted interior with a rectilinear exterior on the Ghost sofa (bottom)and easy chair (top). Koivisto says that American radar-avoidance airplanes informed the interior shapes; appropriately, the pieces are upholstered in bomber-jacket leather. Offect, Tibro, Sweden.


Flat Pack
Some assembly required: A two-dimensional upholstery surface zips around a polypropylene frame to become Ubu, a cozy lounge chair. Casamania by Frezza, Signoressa di Trevignano, Italy.


Nature’s Own
The acclaimed Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen designed the Rosebud lounger on a pedestal or frame base. The seat flairs outward to create armrests; it cants upward, like a flower blossom turning toward the sunshine, to more easily receive an occupant. Vivero, Helsinki.

Old-Fashioned Handiwork
Each facet of the Stitch chair is a separate plywood panel connected to its neighbors by thick nylon thread. The hand-stitched fabrication makes for incredibly pliable joints, which means that Stitch not only conforms to the body, but can also collapse on itself for easy moving or to assume a new function. Victor & Sami, Göteborg, Sweden.