The Stockholm Furniture Fair is gaining international prominence. This year’s February event hosted almost 41,000 visitors from around the world and served as a launch pad for the Nordic countries’ most prestigious manufacturers, such as Swedese and fjordfiesta. For more evidence of the event’s global stature, the goods on display this year defied the “Scandinavian Modern” stereotypes of clean lines and natural materials. - David Sokol

Something Extra
While each of these pieces is eye-catchingly Minimalist, they include an additional feature that will stick in your memory for its humor, quirkiness, or sensuality.

Blowing in the wind
The Breeze table designed by Monica Förster features a simple circular wood top—except for a pie slice that appears to be rippling in a gust—on a tubular steel frame. The Hightower Group, New York City.

[Reader Service: May 2007 #207]


Stretch Armstrong
Because the hooks of Thomas Bernstrand’s Gobble coat stand are attached to elastic bands, the shape of the rack changes according to the number of garments you pile on it. Materia, Tranås, Sweden.

[Reader Service: May 2007 #208]


Talk to her
The up-and-coming architects of the Stockholm-based firm Marge recently completed the interiors for the Rica Talk Hotel located on the Stockholm fairgrounds. The Talk wall bracket and table lamp are among the custom designs originally created for the hotel, and are now in production by Örsjö. The fixtures include hidden delights—such as the wall bracket’s leather ring or the table lamp’s asymmetrical glow—that are meant to inspire conversation between visitors. North American electrification available by custom order. Örsjö Belysning, Örsjö, Sweden.

[Reader Service: May 2007 #209]


Divided we sit
Cylindrical pieces of beech or ash are glued in long series to create Outline, a modular screen system that cordons off straight and curvy enclosures for office uses. Damian Williamson’s design also includes small slits, like the meurtrière openings in a turret, that permit a peek at neighbors. Gärsnäs, Stockholm.

[Reader Service: May 2007 #210]

Bling it on
Designers Josefin Hagberg and Marie-Louise Gustafsson elevate the common parking lot divider to urban-scale jewelry with Bling. Unassuming bollards are connected by glittering swags of interlocking stainless-steel squares. Nola Industrier, Stockholm.

[Reader Service: May 2007 #211]