Site Size: 16,145 square feet

Project Size: 3,767 square feet


Program: The architect was asked to design a house for a family of twelve that would maximize views to the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Location: A hillside in a small Chilean coastal town.

Solution: The site's topography, along with surrounding houses, meant the upper level would receive the best ocean views. Therefore the kitchen, dining room, living room, patio, and a master bedroom suite are located on this upper level where they face the Pacific Ocean through floor-to-ceiling glazing. The roof plane is angled upward to create a clerestory on the street-facing northern elevation. This opening, along with sliding window shutters, preserves privacy while admitting moderate sunlight throughout the day. The tilted roof also quickly sheds the morning rains typical of central coastal Chile.

The lower level is at the base of the hill and is naturally less visible from the street. This is where the architect located four bedrooms, four baths, and a small common area. One of these bedrooms and baths is independent of the main structure and embedded in the hillside; its flat roof constitutes the curbside entrance terrace that connects to the second floor living room via a bridge.

Construction and Materials: The foundation, ground floor, and second floor slab are exposed reinforced concrete. On the second floor, steel I-beams support the timber roof. The upper floor exterior walls and shutters are clad in stained-black wood.



Alvaro Arancibia and Sebastian Coll
Flat 2B, 12 York Terrace East
London UK
Telephone UK: +447428875656
Telephone Chile: +56968470906




Creizet - Renner Coatings -
Charcoal Color


Inner Partitions

Exacta Brick 1030x300x188 mm



Koemmerling - Double Glazing Window


Bathroom Artifacts



Composite Timber Beams

Arauco Pine 2x8"


Timber Ceiling

​​​​​​​Arauco Decofaz 13x18 mm