The Architectural League of New York has announced the winners of its annual Emerging Voices competition.

  • Bernardo Quinzaños Oria and Ignacio Urquiza Seoane of Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica (CCA), Mexico City
  • Bryan C. Lee, Jr. and Sue Mobley of Colloqate, New Orleans
  • Trattie Davies and Jonathan Toews of Davies Toews, New York
  • Brennan Buck and David Freeland of FreelandBuck, Los Angeles and New York
  • Phu Hoang and Rachely Rotem of MODU, Brooklyn
  • Troy Schaum and Rosalyne Shieh of SCHAUM/SHIEH, Houston and New York
  • Irene Gardpoit and Eiri Ota of Uufie, Toronto
  • Ben Waechter of Waechter Architecture, Portland, OR

Each of the winners will present their work in a lecture series in New York during the month of March.

For over 35 years beginning in 1982, the Emerging Voices program, which spotlights individuals and firms based in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and is organized by League program director Anne Rieselbach, has identified more than 250 practices that have gone on to develop influential careers including Steven Holl (1982), Morphosis (1983), Toshiko Mori (1992), Deborah Berke (1993), Enrique Norten (1994), Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works (1996), and Michael Maltzan (1998).

This year’s winners include four former Architectural Record Design Vanguard recipients: Uufie, Davies Toews, FreelandBuck, and Waechter Architecture.