Advanced Manufacturing Technology means more companies can offer statement rugs and carpets that also stand up to the high traffic demands of busy spaces. One example is Bentley’s Redux, a Cradle to Cradle-Certified, NSF 140-certified, CRI Green Label Plus-certified carpet tile available in 13 colorways and three tile sizes (9” x 36”, 18” x 36”, and 24” x 24”). And its multi-directional tiles use a gradual blending of color to produce an ombré effect that would not be out of place in common areas of multifamily residential projects. The line also features an easy-to-install, adhesive-free hook-and-loop system.

Just as versatile and durable is Forum from Shaw Contract, a collection featuring a palette of neutral tones with sweeping black calligraphic lines available in a broadloom, carpet tile, and a 12’-wide x 18’-long rug format. And the latest nanimarquina collections, also for Shaw, make for statement pieces that perform: Herb is made entirely from hand-spun hemp, so it’s lightweight and boasts natural thermal insulation; Tres Vegetal, another hemp-based flat weave made in India, is highlighted by natural irregularities in fiber thicknesses for a textural appeal available in beige, ivory, or off-white. The biodegradable fibers and antibacterial properties make both collections more eco-friendly. Given the right project, there’s no reason some residential projects can’t borrow a few contract-grade products and ideas.