Location: Diamond Heights, San Francisco, California

Project size: 2,300 square feet

Program: The project is a restoration of and addition to a three-story residence that was significantly damaged by a 2013 fire. The need for extensive rebuilding prompted the owner to reimagine the existing two-bedroom house. The city required that the front facade be restored to its original 1911 appearance, however, the owner requested a more contemporary design for the interior and rear facade.

Solution: The new design is based on an open floor plan. Spaces are organized around a central stair, which carries continuously from the basement to the upper floor. A new addition at the upper two floors projects over the rear yard. The existing punched windows were replaced by a narrow-profile aluminum window-wall system, which offers sweeping views of Mt. Davidson and Glen Canyon Park to the South.

The design is intended to minimize energy loads. The wall and roof assembly is highly insulated. The radiant floors are heated by an electric boiler that will eventually be connected to a solar roof. The house is also connected to a domestic battery backup, which will reduce or eliminate dependency on the power grid once the solar roof is on line.

Construction and materials: The structure comprises steel moment frames with wood framing, constructed on top of concrete piers. Sections of the neutral white interior walls are punctuated with niches for displaying artwork. Paintings, ceramics, and sculptures are supported by valley oak slabs individually chosen by the design team and milled by the general contractor.

Additional Information

Completion date: January 2018

Gross square footage: 2,300 square feet



Alexander Jermyn Architecture, 733 Allston Way, Office 1, Berkeley, CA, 94710


Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:

Alexander Jermyn (Project Architect, Principal)
Sarah Ebner (Project Architect)
Daniela Tenorio (Project Manager)
Johnathan Puff (Drafting and Design)
Karina Andreeva (Drafting and Design)



FTF Engineering


General contractor:

McCutcheon Construction



Robert Vente, (415) 699-2575



Lighting: Anna Kondolf Lighting Design



Structural System

Concrete pier, steel moment frame, wood framing

Exterior Cladding

Metal panels: Custom Metal Panels

Metal/glass curtain wall: Blomberg

Wood: Western Red Cedar

Moisture barrier: Henry Blueskin


Tile/shingles: Asphalt Shingle, Future Tesla Solar Roof


Wood frame: Custom Wood Windows


Skylights: Velux


Entrances: Blomberg

Wood doors: Custom Wood Doors

Interior Finishes

Solid surfacing: Neolith

Floor and wall tile: Walker Zanger

Raised flooring: Valley Oak from Arborica

Special interior finishes unique to this project: Valley Oak from Arborica


Chairs: Bassam Fellows

Tables: Coup D'Etat


Downlights: Lucifer


Photovoltaic system: Tesla Solar Roof