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These standouts from a virtual NeoCon will enhance the post-pandemic workplace. Read about new products from HBF, Stylex, CARVART, Studio TK, Ultra Fabrics, Vitra, Humanscale, BuzziSpace, Maars Living Walls with Gensler, and FENIX.



Jueki Stool.

The clean lines and organic curves of the Jueki stool evoke the idea of sap oozing down a tree. Carved from solid ash, the sculptural seat is available in 18", 24", or 30" heights and an array of clear and opaque finishes, including black, denim, and nutmeg. A thin footrest ring is coated to match.


Stylex Dividers.

These upholstered dividers are quick fixes in carving out privacy and adding social-distancing barriers in open-plan offices. Lightweight and on casters, they’re poised for frequent moving and reconfiguring. The screens come in 54" or 68" heights, 30" and 48" widths, 26 colors, and a range of fabrics.


CARVART Restrooms.

CARVART’s modular system for restrooms speeds up and cuts the cost of installation by offering existing coordinated bath cubicles, cladding, lockers, and integrated sinks for a prefabricated solution. Various Covid-19-related options are available. These include antibacterial surfaces and sensor-driven hands-free operation of cubicle doors.

Reef Pro

Ultra Fabrics Reef Pro.

Sea-coral hues inspired the palette of this ink- and stain-resistant Ultraleather series. It simulates the look and feel of supple leather in a low-gloss finish and 17 hues such as Lobster (red) and Hammerhead (gray). A portion of Reef Pro’s sales is donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.

Havn Tables

Studio TK Havn Tables.

Complementing Studio TK’s lounge seating of the same name, Havn occasional tables possess a minimalist-yet-warm Scandinavian aesthetic. They come in round, square, and rectangular versions in multiple formats and two heights. The top is finished with a laminate or veneer surface.

Chaise Tout Bois

Vitra Chair.

Vitra has reissued this Jean Prouvé chair from 1941, his only chair design to be made entirely of wood (due to metal scarcity during WWII). It was actually born out of timber chair prototyping and exploration that eventually led to his wood-and-metal–construction Standard Chair. This all-wood version boasts an even cleaner appearance, however, thanks to interlocking joinery in place of screws. Natural and dark oak finishes are available.

NeatUp and NeatTech

Humanscale NeatUp.

Designed with home offices in mind, these cable-management accessories help minimize clutter in a discreet way. NeatUp is an attachable channel, compatible with Humanscale’s sit-stand Float and eFloat desks, that routes cables up one leg and houses an included six-outlet power strip. NeatTech is a mesh basketlike component that manages cables and cords underneath the desktop.



This accessory promotes wellness by bringing greenery indoors—which can also enhance air quality—dampening sound and sized to be used as a divider. Six models include four cylindrical ones in different heights and diameters, and two pill-shaped in two heights. All are upholstered with an acoustical foam covered in a choice of textiles.


Maars Living Walls.

Gensler collaborated with Maars Living Walls on this system to provide an appealing all-in-one solution for space division, visual and acoustic boundaries, and group productivity. It comprises high-, medium-, and low-height steel frames into which panels can be easily placed, allowing for change as needed. The panels come in a wide array of options, such as moss, cork, textile, and whiteboard.


FENIX Surface.

A solid, color-through material developed by Italian manufacturer Arpa Industriale, FENIX incorporates paper and thermosetting resins that undergo Electronic Beam Curing. The result is a non-porous, fingerprint-resistant surface with low reflectivity, suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. Formica is the official manufacturer of FENIX for the North American Market.