SHoP Architects designed 335 Madison, a coworking tech campus in Midtown Manhattan, to feel decidedly “not techy,” says SHoP founding partner Corie Sharples. To achieve this, the New York–based firm has completed several phases of a seven-story interior renovation of the building. In 1913, this was the site of the Biltmore Hotel but was replaced by a bank headquarters. SHoP’s aim is to make its public area evoke a “grand, old hotel lobby” again, with a soaring 30-foot atrium, using warm, rich materials such as wood and marble “to erase that corporate bank feeling,” explains Sharples. Common areas and amenities on the main levels, including retail, a café and bar, and a fitness studio are open to the public (or will be again, post-Covid-19). SHoP also expanded the entryways at street level to make the public spaces “more welcoming, accessible, and visible,” especially to commuters passing through the adjacent Grand Central Terminal, says Sharples.