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New fixtures are narrowing the gap between architectural and decorative lighting.


Patera Oval

Patera Oval.

Louis Poulsen has expanded its Patera range of luminaires with this ellipsoid pendant that invokes the Fibonacci spiral. The pendant’s shade is close to 20” in diameter and crafted from matte-white PVC that forms diamond-shaped cells to help diffuse 360º lighting while reducing glare.


Landscape Forms Lighting.

A collaboration between Landscape Forms and lighting designer Linnaea Tillett, this outdoor-lighting series comprises area and accent bollard and column fixtures with myriad customization options. The column design (shown) stands up to 16' high and has one-to-six grazer lights recessed within channels on one or two sides.

Ketra Ready

Ketra Ready Lighting.

This collection of designer fixtures has been tweaked for easy integration of Ketra’s tunable LED light sources, said to promote wellness due to realistic daylight- and moonlight-mimicking settings. Luminaires include select Ango-brand pendants, Vibia’s Warm floor-lamp and pendant series, and David Trubridge’s bamboo Navicula pendant (shown), among others.

Zynn 2″ Lines + Arcs

Zynn 2

Architects can realize a crisp, customized design thanks to these mix-and-match 2"-thick Lines + Arcs modules from SPI Lighting. The Lines come in 2" to 8" lengths while the Arcs are available in 90º, 60º, or 45º radii. Connectors create a seamless look and include cross, Y, T, L, and obtuse-L configurations.


Terrain Luxxboxx Lighting.

Luxxboxx now offers two geometric patterns embossed onto the acoustic PET shades of its Linea and Blade fixtures. Both are slim suspension pendants available in four heights, with Linea coming in four lengths, from 24" to 91", and Blade in four formats from 23" to 93". The shades come in a choice of 63 hues.


Elle Axis Lighting.

Axis Lighting is taking a different approach to linear lighting with Elle, a concave fixture meant to blend into the space it occupies. Mountable horizontally or vertically, it’s offered in segments of up to 8' long and is constructed of extruded aluminum with cast-aluminum end caps and curved polycarbonate lenses. The lamping is available in four fixed color temperatures and two tunable-white ranges.

Intervals Recessed Downlights

Intervals Recessed Downlights.

Sonneman—A Way of Light has introduced this flexible modular-downlight system with numerous options. It is available in 1", 2", 3", or 4" diameters in fixed, adjustable (for 2" and up), or wall-wash (3" and up) models with interchangeable optics, trims, housings, and light engines.


Hollow Modular Lighting.

This wall and ceiling luminaire by Modular Lighting Instruments comprises a cylinder—with apertures on both ends—that can rotate and retract within its concave “hollow” housing. This construction allows for hide-and-seek configurations and varying functions, from spotlighting to glowing, as the light bounces off the hollow’s walls.


Croma Floor Lights.

In collaboration with manufacturer Lodes, Italian designer Luca Nichetto reimagined the shape of a traditional floor lamp by flipping it on its head, resulting in a sleek piece that fans out into a conical base. The slim 73"-tall lamp is offered in two ombre finishes or in matte white or black. A discreet ring on the stem controls and dims the light.