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Architectural Record presents the top building skin and glazing systems of the year.




These building-integrated photovoltaic glass modules by Vitro combine the aesthetics and performance of architectural glass with CO₂-free power generation for commercial buildings. The BIPV lites can be used to enhance building exterior components, including balustrades, balconies, skylights, facades, and opacified spandrel glass, while passively generating solar power and reducing air-conditioning costs.

BRNSH Siding

Best in Category medal. Editor's Choice. BRNSH Siding.

The shou sugi ban–inspired BRNSH from Arbor Wood presents a dark, uniform “alligator skin” char that increases the wood’s resistance to pests, rot, and fire, and becomes a natural water barrier and sun shield. This domestically sourced and sustainably harvested siding is made using a proprietary process free of additives or chemicals.

Suzanne Troiano
“Architects and designers are obsessed with the traditional Japanese technique of charring cedar, which is protective and practical, but also modern-looking. And the process is eco-conscious with no chemical treatments, to boot.”
Suzanne Troiano, director at the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Steni Colour

Steni Colour facade.

This stone-composite-panel product from Steni presents a smooth surface of electron-beam-cured acrylic, making it well suited to ventilated facades. It is 100% diffusion-resistant, meaning it can remain submerged in water; it requires minimal maintenance and is available in 60 colors and three glosses, as well as custom colors.

Solarban R77 Glass

Solarban R77 Glass.

This Vitro glass combines a crisp, neutrally reflective aesthetic in silver-blue, with building code–friendly solar performance. In addition to offering a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25, it has a visible light transmittance of 47% and a winter nighttime U-Value of 0.24, satisfying fenestration-performance requirements for all climate zones in the U.S. and Canada under ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

Steni Vision

Steni Vision panels.

Made of stone composite, these panels can be used for exterior and interior walls in commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. The Vision range comes in 14 standard designs and three gloss variations, while Steni Vision Custom enables a facade designer to incorporate custom graphics printed directly on the panels. Visual effects can alter the perception of building size.