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Architectural Record presents the best glazing, cladding, and rainscreen products of the year.



YWW 50 TU Window System.

Responding to the demand for unitized shop-glazed products, YKK AP has expanded its window-wall portfolio with a system that offers higher thermal performance and accommodates oversize glass panels. Made of aluminum with polyurethane thermal breaks, it comes in many finishes. Mullion options include interior, exterior, or a more minimal two-sided structural silicone glazing.


Best in Category medal. Formparts Concrete Panel.

Adding to its formparts brand of folded-concrete panel and fin lines, Rieder NORAM has developed GRFC elements with a 0.12" chamfer, enabling architects to create crisper dimensional facades. The 5"-thick elements are lightweight and integrate discreet fastening anchors for a cleaner appearance.

Vanessa Kassabian “Concrete has formed some of the greatest designs in history. GFRC has made it more flexible, as formparts.fab demonstrates. The panel’s aesthetics, sustainability, and light weight have me looking for potential ways to use it in the near future.”
Vanessa Kassabian, principal and lead designer, DLR Group

Rheinzink-Granum Zinc

Rheinzink-Granum Zinc.

This recyclable architectural-grade zinc alloy is now available in two shades of gray: Basalte and a lighter Skygrey. Both have matte finishes achieved with a special phosphate coating. Ideal for roofing and wall cladding, the weather- and corrosion-resistant material will develop a natural patina over time.

Solstex Solar Façade

Solstex Solar Facade.

This solar facade system allows architects to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building’s facade instead of putting them on its roof. The PV panels consist of thin-film CdTe technology encapsulated between two sheets of heat-strengthened glass. Solstex reduces a building’s carbon footprint and guarantees LEED credits and savings.

Lumi Frit Projectable Glass Rainscreen

Editors' Choice medal. Lumi Frit Projectable Glass Rainscreen.

Bendheim’s new glazing features a translucent fritted pattern that reflects light to create an ultrawhite effect during the day. At night, the glass doubles as a facade onto which images can be projected. The rainscreen attaches directly to the building walls, without any bulky steel substructure, resulting in a look that is shadow-free.