Morphosis Partner, Arne Emerson, joins the podcast to discuss the design process behind ENI’s Headquarters in Milan, the University of Texas at Dallas expansion, and the future of the firm.

"There are interesting constraints when working in Europe that—if you listen closely—you can use as opportunities. A lot of the time, we are trying to solve very specific problems creatively. You have to deal with all these codes, and if you let them dictate the architecture, you’re going to end up with something that is not that interesting. We have always been much more interested in, ‘How can we get out in front of things? How can we utilize constraints as opportunities, as ways to innovate?’"

— Arne Emerson

Hosted by Austin, Texas–based architect Aaron Prinz, Architectural Record’s DESIGN:ED podcast has featured the most renowned architects of our time—such as Art Gensler, Kengo Kuma, and Glenn Murcutt, as well as rising professionals in the next generation, such as Pascale Sablan, Michael Murphy, and Jenny Wu, all available in our library.