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These improved glazing options conserve energy, protect birds and enhance views.


Saflex FlySafe 3D

Saflex FlySafe 3D Glass.

Eastman has introduced bird-friendly glass with a polyvinyl butyral interlayer that, unlike most bird-friendly designs, has a dimensional pattern of reflective sequins. The sequins are subtler than the typical frits, catching light at different angles, which helps deter birds. The product is specifiable for curtain walls, skylights, balustrades, doors, and more.


STFE Membrane.

New to the North American market, Serge Ferrari Group’s STFE is a flexible composite membrane that offers a 50% transmission of daylight but is 10 times lighter than glass. The polyarylate-mesh construction is tensile but structurally strong, making it ideal for large free-span designs, from atriums and malls to walkways. The material purportedly has a lifespan of more than 30 years.


DecorOpal Glass.

Italian glass designer OmniDecor has launched a decorative colored-glass line that is said to be environmentally friendly due to the use of an organic, solvent-free water-based paint. (Take note: this finish doesn’t allow for tempering.) Suitable for interior wall cladding, furniture, and kitchen backsplashes, the material comes in 23 hues and on a frosted or transparent substrate.

YWW 60XT Window Wall

YWW 60XT Window Wall.

YKK AP combines its patented ThermaBond Plus technology with polyamide isostruts to create a new window wall that meets the most stringent thermal-performance requirements for mid- to high-rise building applications. The system accommodates 1" insulating glass or 15/16" laminated insulating glass and up to 12' mullion spans.

AviProtek 226 and 227

AviProtek Glass.

Expanding its robust portfolio of bird-friendly designs, Walker Glass has introduced two new patterns, both with scattered 5mm squares covering less than 1% of the glass. The acid-etched patterns are available on AviProtek glass or AviProtek E, which incorporates Vitro-brand Solarban low-E coating.

Manhattan Line

Manhattan Line Glass Doors.

HenryGlass, a company specializing in glass doors and wall systems, has expanded its portfolio with the Manhattan Line. The series is notable for its slim stiles and rails. It’s specifiable as fixed glazing or as slide, pocket, swing, or pivot doors with clear or decorative glass and a variety of hardware.

SunGuard SNR 50

SunGuard SNR 50 Glass.

This double-silver-coated product from Guardian Glass affords a visible-light transmission of 48% while reducing the solar heat-gain coefficient to 0.25. The insulated glass can be paired with Guardian substrates including UltraClear Low-Iron, CrystalBlue, and Green, in thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 12mm, depending on which substrate is selected.

KOVA Window Wall

KOVA Window Wall.

This unitized glazing system affords design flexibility, thanks to a non-strutted thermal break. Its integrated PVC break allows for glue or cap assembly and can adapt to accommodate various panel materials and thicknesses. This also speeds up disassembly, for ease of reusing or recycling parts.