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Location: Dueville, Italy

Project size: 2,150 square feet

Program: Villa No. 3 is a primary residence that plays on the name of its setting—the Italian town of Dueville, just north of Vicenza.

Design Solution: Although the exact etymological origin of Dueville remains unknown, the town is home to two significant villas: Porto a Vivaro (1554) by Andrea Palladio and da Porto Casarotto (1776) by Ottone Calderari. Drawing from this context but exploring contemporary materiality, architect Jimmi Pianezzola set out to design an ideal third villa for a modest site.

Capped with a shallow pyramidal roof, Villa No. 3 is square in plan. Small loggias on either side provide access, a spiral stair at its center leads to a mezzanine-level loft, bedrooms are placed to the north, and an enclosed sunroom takes advantage of its placement to the south. This room reduces energy needs in the winter by about 35 percent; in the summer, the window-wall opens to offer a traditional shaded porch.

Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto

Photo © Alberto Sinigaglia

Structure and Materials: Villa No. 3 is built of traditional, low-carbon materials—wood, thatch, and lime plaster—that have been adapted to modern-day construction processes. Heavy timbers and prefabricated wood frames structure the house, while thick walls are insulated by pressed straw bales. Heating and cooling are aided by the placement and position of openings in relationship to prevailing winds and solar angles.

Additional Information
Completion date: July 2022
Site size: .4 acres
Total construction cost: $370,000
Client/Owner: Withheld

Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto


Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto


Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto


Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto


Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto


Villa No. 3 by Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto


Photos © Alberto Sinigaglia (1-4), Jimmi Pianezzola (5-6)

Villa no 3


Villa No. 3


Images courtesy Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto, click to enlarge


Jimmi Pianezzola Architetto
Viale Milano 74
Vicenza, Italy
0444 193 1676

Arpostudio — Costante Bonacina (structural)

Tomasi Progettazione (thermal)

General Contractor

Alberto Sinigaglia, Jimmi Pianezzola (construction images)


Exterior Cladding
Metal/glass curtain wall: Freschi Serramenti
Shading devices: Manifatture Lombarde

Metal: SERENA P.F. Grondaie

Metal Frame: Freschi Serramenti

Metal doors: Freschi Serramenti
Special doors: Arredamenti Rigon Lorenzo

Interior Finishes
Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Arredamenti Rigon Lorenzo