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Location: Alberta, Canada
Project size: 2,960 square feet

Program: The design-focused community of Carraig Ridge, with its hundreds of acres of rolling grasslands and aspen forests, has the enduring qualities of a true rural enclave. The development is overseen by XYC Design, led by Kate MacGregor, who stewards the construction of eco-sensitive residences there—including Y House, a retreat designed by the office of Canadian-born, Norway-based practitioner Todd Saunders.

Design Solution: Nestled among mature spruce and fir trees, Y House rests on a ridge overlooking Anna Lake and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Taking its name from the shape of the plan, the house is organized to maximize its potential on the site. The spoke facing northeast accommodates the garage and a covered entrance, while the remaining two spokes are carefully oriented to make the most of expansive vistas. The primary bedroom suite is situated at the end of one, while an additional bedroom and home office comprise the other—and a spacious, combined living, dining, and kitchen area lies at their juncture.

Y House Saunders

Photo © Ema Peter

Structure and Materials: Y House is entirely clad in weathering steel—the protective patina of rust gives the residence an earthy quality aptly suited to its rural setting.

Additional Information
Completion date: 2022
Total construction cost: Withheld
Client/Owner: Withheld

Y House Saunders


Y House Saunders


Y House Saunders


Y House Saunders


Y House Saunders


Y House Saunders


Photos © Ema Peter

Y House Saunders

Image courtesy Saunders Architecture, click to enlarge


Todd Saunders
Postboks 3805 Nøstet, 5802 Bergen
+47 948 22 527

Project team
Design lead: Todd Saunders
Design team: Attila Béres, Pedro Léger Pereira, Pål Storsveen, Monika Jasikova, Joe Kellner

Local Design and Construction Coordination
XYC Design

Ema Peter


Exterior Cladding
Metal panels Parker Johnston Industries (AB)
Other cladding unique to this project: Windsor Plywood (decking, exterior soffit)

Metal: Parker Johnston Industries (AB)

Metal frame: TAG-Thermal Aluminium and Glass

Entrances: TAG-Thermal Aluminium and Glass
Wood doors: Windsor Plywood (interior passage doors)
Special doors: Equal Door Industries (bi-fold garage door)

TAG-Thermal Aluminium and Glass

Security devices: Symphonic Integrated Security (security system, cameras)

Interior Finishes
Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Empire Kitchen and Bath (kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, bedroom closets, laundry room cabinets)
Flooring: Divine Flooring (hardwood floors and ceilings)
Solid surfacing: Alberta Marble and Tile (kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, laundry room countertops)
Interior furnishings provider: Kit Interior Objects

Dimming system or other lighting controls:: Symphonic Residential Systems (lighting controls)