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Location: Winter Park, Florida
Project size: 3,150 square feet

Program: The owners of Origami House previously worked with Oza Sabbeth Architects on a renovation project in East Hampton, New York, and commissioned the firm to design a winter retreat on a small plot of land in Winter Park, Florida. The couple—one a psychotherapist and the other a tech executive—wanted a place that could provide respite, accommodate occasional visits from their children, and entertain up to 30 guests.

Design Solution: Crucially, the clients regarded the house as a work of art, emphasizing a desire for “clean lines, solid lighting, traditional shapes, and the idea of the outside folding into the landscape.” The designers developed the house from the top down as well as from the walls up in search of a simple but bold aesthetic statement.

Origami House Oza Sabbeth

Photo © Seamus Payne

Intrigued by the ability to form three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional plane, Oza Sabbeth Architects looked to origami for inspiration. Outside, folding planes of dark slate sidestep the distinction between roof and wall, facing both surfaces. Underneath this wrapper is a clear plan with a long-windowed gallery wall, a suite of guestrooms, and an open living-dining-cooking area. A library doubles as a privacy buffer, separating the primary suite from the rest of the house and offering solitude from even the rowdiest of young visitors.

Throughout the house, sightlines mediated by windows and doors offer moments of surprising encounter between inside and outside. At the rear, a roof overhang shelters a patio with views out to one of the city’s many lakes.

Structure and Materials: Turning crisp corners in slate required rigor and precision. Precast, hollow-core slabs allowed the architects to achieve maximum span with minimal depth, resulting in thin, paper-like “creases.” High ceilings throughout the single-story residence create a sense of depth, further heightened by a refined palette and high-quality finishes.

Additional Information
Completion date: June 2022
Site size: .25 acres
Total construction cost: $3 million (construction)
Client/Owner: Withheld

Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Origami House Oza Sabbeth


Photos © Seamus Payne

Origami House Oza Sabbeth
Origami House Oza Sabbeth
Origami House Oza Sabbeth

Images courtesy Oza Sabbeth; click to enlarge


Oza Sabbeth Architects
2408 Montauk Highway
Bridgehamptom, NY
(631) 808-3036

Project team
Design lead: Nilay Oza
Design team: Peter Sabbeth, Tania Mendes, Kevin Kawiecki, Zack Nicholson, Will Goethe

Interior designer
Sam Ewing Interior Design

Structural: Monta Engineering

Landscape: Signature Landscape

General Contractor
Z Properties

Seamus Payne


Structutral System
Concrete: CoreSlab Structures

Exterior Cladding
Masonry: Slate Siding - Cupaclad
Metal Panels: Dissimilar Metal Design
Metal/glass curtain wall: Euroline Steel Windows and Doors
Precast concrete: CoreSlab Structures

Tile/shingles: Cupaclad Slate Shingle

Metal frame: Euroline Steel Windows and Doors

Entrances: Custom gate (Mojo Metal works with FAAC 750 Underground Swing Gate Opener)
Wood doors: Dayoris Doors
Upswinging doors, other: Garage Door (Guttman horizontal opening Garage Doors)
Fireplace: Boulevard 60" gas fireplace (Empire Comfort Systems)

Locksets: RocYork Concealed Hinges with NoHa Invisible Handles

Interior Finishes
Cabinetwork and custom woodwork: Modulnova
Solid surfacing: Sierra Noir Porcelain Solid Surfaces
Floor and wall tile: Venetian Plaster showers

Interior ambient lighting: iGuzzini
Downlights: Regianni
Tasklighting: iGuzzini
Exterior: iGuzzini
Dimming system or other lighting controls: Lutron

Fixtures: Blu Bathworks
Sinks: Kohler Sinks
Toilets: Duravit
Mirrors: Miseno