For March, RECORD’s editors crane their necks to survey a quartet of cloud-brushing projects: A twin-tower luxury development in Dubai linked by a record-breaking cantilever, a new addition to the London skyline with a Jenga-esque form that preserves views of historic sites, the first full-block skyscraper to rise on Manhattan’s storied Park Avenue in 50 years, and a twisting mixed-use tower with a transit hub at its base that stands as the concluding component of a bustling new Tokyo high-rise district.

Keeping with the tall building theme, March’s special lighting section—together with the project stories, this section comprises our CEU offering for the month—showcases three vertical illumination schemes, two of them in Tokyo and one in Hangzhou, China.

Continuing Education

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To earn one AIA learning unit (LU), including one hour of health, safety, and welfare (HSW) credit, read the articles above and complete the quiz. Upon passing the quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion, and your credit will be automatically reported to the AIA. Additional information regarding credit-reporting and continuing-education requirements can be found at

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss commercial-building features and amenities that can lure employees back to the office and enhance occupant well-being.
  2. Describe structural and construction challenges involved in building tall towers with record-breaking elements.
  3. Discuss strategies for reducing the embodied carbon associated with a tall building’s structure.
  4. Describe glazing strategies for tall buildings that can reduce energy consumption while helping achieve aesthetic objectives.
  5. Explain how architectural lighting, and lighting as part of sitespecific art, can reinforce the design parti of a tall building.

AIA/CES Course #K2403A