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Updated glass and glazing products enhance building perfomance and security while reducing material waste.


SunGuard SNX 70+ Coated Glass

SunGuard SNX 70+ Coated Glass.

Designed for a consistently neutral reflected color when viewed from an angle, this triple-silver, low-E-coated low-iron glass by Guardian has a visible light transmission of 68%, a solar-heat-gain coefficient of 0.28, and 0.28 U-value. The resulting 2.45 light-to-solar-gain ratio is the highest in the company's SunGuard portfolio.

CRL 695 Sliding Door System

CRL 695 Sliding Door System.

Suitable for commercial and residential applications, CRL’s 695 sliding glass doors feature an advanced soft-brake mechanism said to reduce the typical force needed to operate such systems, resulting in a smoother and quieter operation, simplified installation, and enhanced durability. In addition, the glass panel heights can be adjusted ¼" in either direction for easier alignment.

PurOptima Revolution 100

PurOptima Revolution 100 Glass Wall System.

Made with a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled-scrap aluminum, the modular Revolution 100 glass wall system is dry-jointed and can be single or double glazed, allowing the same appearance across a workspace while addressing varying acoustic requirements. The glass can also be demounted and reused.

SAFTI GPX Firefloor

SAFTI GPX Firefloor.

Installed at Union Station in San Francisco (right), the modular SAFTI GPX fire-resistive-glass floor assembly allows daylight to penetrate buildings while also meeting strict fire-rating requirements for 60 or 120 minutes. Load-bearing options are available as is a durable, non-slip walking surface for loads up to 100 psf.

Shingle Facade

Shingle Facade.

This low-carbon curtain wall alternative salvages mismeasured, irregular glazing units using computational algorithms to reorganize them into new overlapping facade assemblies. While not an off-the-shelf system, the Shingle Facade has passed ASTM E283, 330, and 331 testing and is ready for custom development with architects interested in lowering a project's carbon footprint.

Sungate ThermL

Sungate ThermL Coating.

Engineered for use on the inner surface of a typical 1" IGU, this low-E coating by Vitro has proven to raise U-values when paired with the company’s Solarban low-E glass on the outside and a 1/2" airspace with argon between them. Sungate ThermL glass also has a high rate of visible-light transmittance, so resembles clear, uncoated glass.

Sentech VetraSky System

Sentech VetraSky System.

Deriving its strength from its curvature rather than an in-plane aluminum support system, this “ultra-transparent” glass skylight system enables unimpeded spans up to 26' wide using single sheets of curved glass—with no visible structural support. Systems can be designed for use with laminated, low-E, and bird-friendly glass.


UVgel Glass Film.

Noteworthy for the high resolution (up to 1800 dpi), color, and durability of its output, MetWest′s UVgel printing technology for glass film produces washable graphics that can withstand a range of chemicals and abrasions.

TGProtect FR System

TGProtect FR System.

This full-lite door is one of the first fire-rated entrance systems in North America certified to forced-entry-resistance standards. Featuring precise edges and the narrowest frames available on fire-rated doors, this sleeker alternative to typical hollow metal doors complements adjacent non-fire-rated doors and provides a high level of security.


CONTRAFLAM One Glass Unit.

Said to be the first fire-resistive glass unit with a single-chamber foaming interlayer that meets all performance classifications (from 60 to 120 minutes), Vetrotech’s CONTRAFLAM One is also notable for its installation-friendly light weight, high visible-light transmission, and lower embodied carbon than typical fire-rated multi-chamber units.