Division 23: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

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Big Ass Fans
January 2009
The new 12' diameter Element industrial-grade ceiling fan is designed specifically for air conditioned spaces. By using Element as the first method of cooling, the startup of the HVAC system can be delayed several weeks in mild climates, reducing operational costs. The patented airfoil and winglets help move air silently and efficiently over large spaces, which can reduce the amount of ductwork required and lower overall energy consumption.

Bonded Logic, Inc.
March 2003
Bonded Logic, Inc. offers the company's new LEED eligible, IAQ enhancing, HVAC duct liner insulation - UltraTouch Natural Fiber Duct Liner. Much of the quality cotton fibers used to manufacture UltraTouch are sourced from multiple outlets in the state of Texas. UltraTouch features no fiberglass or formaldehyde and therefore no itch or irritation. The product resists mold and microbial growth, is Class-A fire rated, and passes all mold and bacteria tests.

updated June 2005
DuctSox’s Final Filter is the HVAC industry’s first replaceable in-duct air filter for fabric duct that increases IAQ and energy savings while reducing outdoor air requirements and building maintenance. The cone-shaped Final Filter is designed for supplementing primary filter systems in new or retrofit buildings with DuctSox air dispersion.

DuctSox fabric duct improves air quality with more even air disbursement, conserves natural resources (eliminates metal ductwork), reduces solid wastes in shipping materials, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the spread of air pollutants. The system is also 90 percent lighter weight than metal duct and reduces the need for heavier roof reinforcement.

The Sedona-Xm fabric duct, from DuctSox, offers a new matte finish in response to architect requests for non-glossy, non-glare polyester duct surfaces. Sedona-Xm also features the HVAC industry’s first UL-classified anti-microbial fabric duct for office buildings, schools, hospitals, athletic facilities, retail stores, and other commercial facilities. The active anti-microbial agent protects the fabric from mold, fungus, and other bacterial growth, while also reducing odors generated by microbial growths commonly found in HVAC ductwork systems. It is easy to disassemble, launder, and reinstall with minimum reduction of effectiveness.

Grand Hall
December 2008
Engineered to maintain pressure and temperature with near zero greenhouse gas emissions, the Eternal hybrid on-demand water heater teams multipass heat-exchanger technology with a patented counterflow design.

Harpiris Energy
December 2008
The SunCache integral-collector-storage solar water heater uses a roof-mounted, water-filled, unpressurized, polyethylene panel and copper heat exchanger to pre-heat water for domestic use. The relatively inexpensive system captures heat in 50 gallons of non-circulating water stored in a rooftop panel.

Ice Energy
December 2005
To cool commercial buildings the Ice Bear thermal energy storage system circulates refrigerant through ice that is frozen at night to an evaporator coil and blower for day-time cooling. The system reduces peak daytime electricity demand and consumption for cooling costs by 95 percent.

International Diversified Marketing
April 2004
The Comfort 1st filtered diffuser controls drafts from overhead diffusers while it cleans air tainted by polluted ductwork. The diffuser combines four-way adjustable airflow along a horizontal plane. Four anti-microbial filters cover the discharge points on the inside portion of each louver.

Iron Age Designs
March 2009
Iron Age Designs has introduced a line of decorative register covers based on its popular grate patterns. Made of recycled cast iron with an environmentally friendly oil finish or a choice of powder coated colors, the register grates come with drill points for easy drilling and attachment to walls or ceilings. The grates are available in two sizes: 51⁄2'' x 12'' (fits 4'' x 10'' opening) or 51⁄2'' x 14'' (fits 4'' x 12'' opening).

MacroAir Technologies
May 2010
The MacroVoltaic solar high-volume, low-speed industrial fan is designed to generate a column of air that flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees. The fan consumes approximately 400 watts of power and can be used in applications that call for a completely solar air-cooling system, such as buildings unable to run traditional AC power sources to remote locations.

Mechanical- cat. 15
Panasonic/Enterprise Sales Group
Panasonic's WhisperLite Advanced Ventilation Fans are super quiet, energy efficient, fan/light combinations designed for longer run times or continuous operation for better indoor air quality. WhisperLite Ventilation Fans utilize two Panasonic Quick Start (flicker-free) 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps for warm color-corrected lighting. The fan is Energy Star-approved and HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified.

December 2008
All in one  Matrix is an integrated appliance that combines a gas-fired condensing boiler and furnace, condensing demand water heater, and heat-recovery ventilator into a single unit. Matrix’s advanced heat exchanger is claimed to be able to reduce gas consumption by 30 percent compared with a conventional system.

March 2008
Solaronics new True Dual 2-Stage Heaters operate on natural gas or propane and are ideal for sports facilities such as ice skating rinks where spectators can enjoy a comfortably warm experience without overheating the rest of the space. The air and gas flows that produce combustion are each precisely regulated at both the high and low heat stages for optimum efficiency. According to the manufacturer, in most buildings the heaters will be operating on low-heat about 90 percent of the time, helping to save up to 75 percent of fuel costs over other units.

July 2004
The new unit ventilator UVC Kit from Steril-Aire uses the company’s multi-patented technology to enhance classroom indoor air quality. Designed to fit all major unit ventilator brands, the unit safeguards classroom occupants by preventing the spread of colds, flu, and other viral and bacterial infections, while also eliminating mold and associated odors.

Stirling Technology
December 2005
By replacing stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air the UltimateAir RecoupAerator 200DX energy-recovery ventilator removes indoor pollutants. It also features high heat-recovery efficiency.

January 2008
StrionAir’s electrically enhanced air filtration products — which have been shown to significantly reduce mold spore counts in facilities — helped earn three points for the LEED-EB 2.0 re-certification application submitted by the National Geographic Society for its three-building complex in Washington, D.C. The system exceeds the required MERV 13 standard and by itself earned an Innovation point. Innovation points are more typically earned only with a combination of environmentally-sensitive improvements for existing buildings.

Sun Tunnel Systems
March 2001
Sun Tunnel's Fan-Attic reduces cooling costs up to 50 percent and requires no electricity and costs nothing to run.

August 2006 updated
Last June, State and County officials presented Morgan Stanley with a ceremonial incentive check for $300,000 for installing the New York Metropolitan area¹s largest ice storage based air-conditioning system at its Purchase facility. The system, provided by Trane, makes ice at night during off-peak hours to provide cooling the next day during on-peak hours. The system is expected to lower the facility¹s peak energy usage by 740 kW, reduce overall electric usage by 900,000 kWh, and reduce the site overall fuel consumption by 15,000 MBtu.

Velux America
December 2008
Notable for seamless integration with rooflines and the company’s roof window, Velux Solar Water Heating Systems deliver up to 100 percent of a home’s hot water with two to three rooftop collectors and 80– or 120–gallon holding tanks.