Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Client: Private

Date completed: 2008

House Ijburg

Program: A 1,500-square-foot 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom residence.

Design concept and solution: Inspired by the 1920s brick detailed facades of the Amsterdam School, the architects designed this steel-framed residence, clad in black bricks of varied texture, as a vertical garden. Flowerpots are integrated into the facade, which, when covered in climbing plants, will provide shade and privacy.

Marc Koehler Architects BNA
Tolstraat 129, Unit 3.8
1074 VJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
P: +31 20 575 5508
F: +31 20 575 5508

Gross square footage:
2,200 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: 230,000 Euros

Site size:
3 acres

Total construction cost: