S'o Paulo, Brazil

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Program: A 3,200-square-foot residence and office.

Design concept and solution: House in Carapicuiba is set in a small valley far below street level. To design a house that provided for both living and work in this unique site, the architects created a multi-level structure that separates private and professional space. The entrance to the concrete and glass building, reached via a steel-grid bridge, provides two options upon entry: a descending staircase to the living space, or an ascending staircase to a tube-like structure that serves as the office.



SPBR Architects
Av.Faria Lima, 1234 – 121
01451-913 – São Paulo, SP, Brazil
+ 55 11 3815.1171

Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit:
Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni

Project team:
Ciro Miguel, Fernando Bizarri, Juliana Braga, Maria Isabel Imbronito e João Paulo M. Faria



Structural Engineers:
Ibsen Pulleo Uvo and Ruy Bentes

Klara Kaiser

Ricardo Heder – REKA Iluminação

General contractor:
Alexsandro Bremenkamp



Nelson Kon


CAD system:




Edward Magro


Date completed:

July 2008


Gross square footage:

3,200 sq. ft.


Site size:

3 acres


Total construction cost:





Structural system:
Reinforced concrete


Major Materials:
concrete, glass, and steel