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Advances in technology bring greater flexibility and efficiency to lighting design.


BEGA Wall Cylinders

BEGA Wall Cylinders.

Designed to accent columns, walls, and facades, this compact bidirectional luminaire group offers a choice of three beam-spread distributions: narrow in both directions, very wide in both directions, or a combination. Made of marine-grade aluminum, the wall cylinder comes in three wattages and scales, a range of white color temperatures, and standard matte or custom finishes.

Numi Linear Pendant

Numi Linear Pendant.

Made of solid walnut, Boyd Lighting′s new pendant makes a handsome and efficient addition to any conference room with its dimmable-LED, indirect/direct lighting capabilities. It comes in 6' and 8' lengths, and three wood finishes with a choice of hand-finished brass accents in satin, antiqued, or blackened brass or dark bronze.

Node System

Linea Light Group Node System.

This new modular system from Linea Light Group was created to work around interior obstacles on walls or ceilings, offering LEGO-like maneuverability with connection joints for installation flexibility and myriad lamping options—diffused linear bars, glare-free microcells, pendants, and track for spotlights and projectors.

Fry Reglet LED Reveals

Fry Reglet LED Reveals.

Fry Reglet, known for its architectural metal fabrications and component systems, also offers lighting in the form of extruded-aluminum LED Reveals, engineered for and sold with a full range of LED tapes and accessories. These integrate with drywall, millwork, plaster, and, now, wallcoverings—each profile having a minimum 0.05" metal thickness for rigid durability.

Beamer Projector

Beamer Projector.

The capabilities of ERCO′s highest-output museum spotlight are now available for outdoor use. The Beamer projector has glare-free dark-light lenses (that eliminate spill) for visual comfort, plus a variety of digital control modes, interchangeable lenses, and mounting options to accommodate numerous lighting tasks.

My Circuit

My Circuit Modular Ceiling System.

Designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, My Circuit is a modular ceiling system with a flexible matte-white rubber track that can be sized, curved, and bent to accommodate numerous interior schemes. The all-white corresponding pendants include a wafer-thin disc, a linear luminaire meant to be an alternative to a floor lamp, a sphere, a dome-shaped fixture, and an elegantly thin and long spot.


IVO Downlight.

This shallow recessed downlight from Gotham Lighting fits into plenums from 2" to 3½" deep. Available in two aperture sizes—a 4" that delivers up to 3,000 lumens and a 6" with up to 5,000 lumens—IVO was designed for easy installation and service and comes in a range of finishes, in round or square formats with interchangeable trim and optics.


Vika Sculptural Floor Screen.

Introduced at Stockholm Design Week in February, the Vika sculptural floor screen by Abstracta in collaboration with designer Khodi Feiz, is also an acoustic luminaire that generates a warm 2700K glow. Ideal for managing quiet areas in offices, Vika comes in two sizes, has a sound-absorbing core, and is clad with acoustic felt.

the Little Twos

Little Twos Downlights.

Small and powerful, USAI's latest downlights include a 2"-aperture recessed pinhole (above) and a 2"-diameter cylinder, available as a pendant or for surface mounting. Both styles offer up to 2,000 lumens with minimal glare, as well as numerous options for trim style and configuration, beam spread, housing, drivers, and adjustability.

Rio LAZR Floodlight

Rio LAZR Floodlight.

B-K Lighting′s new Rio LAZR is said to be the first of its kind to use an efficient laser diode light source that produces a high-intensity center beam effective at illuminating towering facades. The 14.5W, 6000K, 14,000-candela lamp can have a square or round housing with an integral driver and comes with a choice of five cap styles and three optics.